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It’s easier than you think...

Dear Sister Hair Loss Sufferer:

If you’re a woman experiencing hair loss and you’ve been told there’s nothing you can do about it -- don’t believe it. I was told the same thing, but I refused to accept it.

At age 32 my hair began falling out by the handfuls and it didn’t stop until I was practically bald. Within a two month period of time I lost over 90% of my hair. I was experiencing a severe case of telogen effluvium (diffuse hair loss) along with alopecia areata. This wasn’t my first episode of hair loss but it was definitely the most extensive and the most dramatic.

This episode brought me back to the doctors once again, but once again all my lab work came back in the normal range. I was supposed to be thankful (which I was) that I didn’t have any type of life-threatening illness. But as far as getting a remedy for my hair loss -- I was told there was none. The only advice I was offered was to get a good wig and get on with my life. 

Ironically, during this time I happened to be tending a bare patch of lawn in my front yard. Watering and fertilizing the seedlings had me anxiously anticipating the blades of grass that would soon be sprouting. As the bare patch filled in with thick healthy grass, I knew there must be some sort of “fertilizer” that would help sprout the hair on my bare scalp. I was determined to find out.

Through research and with the help of a cosmetologist who specialized in thinning hair, I learned about powerful natural ingredients used to stimulate hair growth. After applying these natural ingredients, my scalp felt energized and invigorated.  Within months soft new hair began to appear, eventually becoming thicker, healthier and shinier than it was even before the loss! 

Needless to say I was amazed, relieved and excited all at the same time.  Learning about hair loss became my passion.  I immersed myself in every piece of information I could find on the biology of hair growth -- becoming diligent in my quest to understand why women lose their hair and how to prevent it. 

My newfound “purpose in life” was to help other women suffering with female hair loss through education, empowerment and solutions. This offer includes all the information needed for women to understand and take charge of their own hair loss condition and begin growing beautiful, healthy hair.



The most important thing I learned is that regrowth is possible in most cases of female hair loss…even when the cause is hereditary.

Many women falsely believe that because androgenetic alopecia is caused by an inherited gene, balding is inevitable. Fortunately this isn’t true. With androgenetic alopecia, the hair doesn’t actually fall out. Instead, the follicle narrows progressively over time, producing thinner, weaker hairs that provide less scalp coverage. This is a slow progressive process. It takes many years for the follicle to atrophy and cease producing hair. As long as the process is not complete, there is potential for improvement.

Cicatricial (scarring) alopecia is the only type of female hair loss that is permanent and irreversible. In this type of hair loss the follicle is destroyed by scar tissue. Fortunately this is a rare form of hair loss, accounting for less than 3% cases.

Regrowth can be achieved in every other type of hair loss as long as the underlying follicles are alive and undamaged. In most cases of female hair loss, the growth cycle becomes disrupted, but the follicles remain alive and fully capable of producing healthy hair once favorable conditions are created. 

Alopecia areata and telogen effluvium are two forms of hair loss which commonly affect women. These types of hair loss respond well to natural treatments.

The potent formulas I use work to re-activate the follicles which have become non-productive. The sooner treatment is started the better but as long as the follicle is alive, potential remains.

“Since using your formulas, some of my newer bald patches are completely filled in, but much to my surprise I am now seeing new hair growth in a couple of patches that have been bald for almost ten years!” – Carole M, Poughkeepsie, New York

Why Learning About Hair Loss Is Important

My goal is to make YOU an expert on your own personal hair loss so you can take charge of your own situation and restore your hair to a healthy luxurious state. Once you understand the inner-workings of hair growth you will be surprised how easy it is to improve your hair loss condition!

All female hair loss is not alike. It’s important to pinpoint the type and cause of your own personal hair loss. Many cases of female hair loss are temporary and easily corrected once the cause is identified and addressed. Having an intimate understanding of the hair growth cycle allows you to control factors which may trigger your hair loss. 
The hair growth cycle is sensitive and can be easily disrupted -- causing hair loss, slow growth and other undesirable changes.  Understanding the growth cycle is imperative to optimizing the potential of healthy hair growth.

Hair loss is often the first sign of physical or emotional imbalance. Even a slight imbalance can result in hair loss. Identifying and correcting the problem early can prevent further problems.

So, although the potent natural remedies you will be learning about are very effective for female hair loss, treating the underlying issue is also important and can be beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Hair Loss in Women...
Getting to the Root of the Problem 


Take charge of your hair loss

I never imagined that a book about hair loss could be a “page turner” but this one is! The author definitely did her homework. This is a well researched book with interesting and surprising information about female hair loss. The personal anecdotes from other women add an intimate appeal which any woman suffering from hair loss can relate to.- P. Heywood, Edgartown, MA


This must be the most comprehensive book ever written on female hair loss. It provides the reader with real help. Identifying each specific type of hair loss, the author explains what is going on from a physical, medical and emotional standpoint. She helps you identify what avenue would be most helpful depending on your condition. The book explores natural approaches to hair loss such as Ayurveda, acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, orthomolecular, reflexology and more. It is easy to read, well laid out, and can feel like a lifeline. As a former hairdresser, I can tell you this book is a MUST for all in the hairstyling industry. Finally, we can stop feeling inept when our clients ask for professional advice on their hair loss - and how much more we can be equipped to actually approach the subject with some real help. -  A. Totel, Louisville, CO

A sample of what’s included in this downloadable book:

Types of Hair Loss – common and rare

Causes of Hair Loss – common and rare

Medical Conditions in which Hair Loss is a Symptom

Medications that Cause Hair Loss

Nutritional Deficiencies and Hair Loss

Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Hair

Natural Remedies Used for Hair Loss
 - aromatherapy, homeopathy, orthomolecular, acupuncture, Ayurvedic and more

Emotional Aspects of Female Hair Loss
 – learn how other women deal with the emotional aspects of female hair loss

132 pages of information to help you understand female hair loss, how to prevent it and how to re-grown and maintain beautiful healthy growing hair.

Why Only For Women?

 I know how it feels to be a woman losing her hair. My personal experience left me feeling frustrated, unattractive and emotionally devastated. This caused me to develop compassion for other women going through the same experience.

Although many women with female hair loss believe they are suffering alone, approximately 75% of all women will experience some form of hair loss in her lifetime.

Women are very susceptible to many types of hair loss. Certain conditions which cause hair loss such as autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, adrenal exhaustion and hormonal imbalances are much more common in women.

After writing my story for Natural Health Magazine, hundreds of women contacted me to share their stores and for support. But even more than sympathy and compassion, these women were looking for information and solutions.

I felt it was important that women had their own resource addressing the unique issues of female hair loss.


My Hair Loss

The best way to describe my condition is to say that I am “prone” to hair loss.  Just as some people may be prone to migraines, high blood pressure, acne or a variety of other conditions, I am prone to hair loss. When I’m physically or emotionally unwell my hair falls out. I’ve dealt with hair loss issues ever since I was a small child.

Although I still experience occasional hair loss, (because I am prone to it) I’m able to minimize the loss and quickly start the regrowth process before it gets out of control. Because of this, I no longer feel anxiety when I notice new hair loss. Having the knowledge and tools I need to quickly correct the problem gives me a sense of security.

I’m able to control most of the factors which trigger my hair loss. I’ve kept my hair strong and healthy for the past fifteen years. And, the ingredients I use make my hair grow faster than ever before! Others have also noticed this effect.

The formulas are working! I just had my hair dyed three weeks ago and the roots are already grown out. My hair (which barely grew in the past) is now growing super fast! It also looks much better and is more manageable. – Kathy F., Orange, CA



You will receive detailed information on the potent natural ingredients I used to re-grow my hair-- and still use today to maintain healthy hair growth. You will receive step-by-step instructions to create your own safe and effective custom formulas. You will also receive formulas for other scalp and hair conditions such as dandruff, dry hair etc.

In addition to this, you receive detailed information on other natural modalities which have been used successfully to restore healthy hair growth. Many of these holistic therapies can be combined as they work synergistically to enhance the condition of your hair and your overall health. 

Why Share This Information? 

When people hear my story they often wonder why I don’t keep these formulas secret. Their eyes widen as they mentally calculate how much money could be made by retailing these formulas.
First of all my passion is more in writing, researching, educating and natural healing -- and less in manufacturing and retailing.

Mass produced formulas may end up sitting on a shelf for many months before being used, losing some effectiveness. Mass producing would require the creation of a generic one-size-fits-all formula. This type of formula would not be as effective as a custom formula created for uniquely for each individual.

The overhead of mass production would inflate the price, making it inaccessible to some people. Many women with hair loss are so devastated they are often willing to spend large amounts of money on a cure. I’ve seen formulas similar to the ones I use being sold for as much as $95.00 per half ounce. It’s no wonder so many people feel “ripped off” by expensive hair loss remedies. The ingredients you will be using are often the same ingredients used in these expensive formulas. My books and blending instructions enable persons to blend their own formulas for a very small fraction of that cost.

A special section in this book takes you on a journey throughout time, discovering how ancient cultures used botanical ingredients to strengthen and beautify their hair! Since the beginning of time hair was valued and regarded as significant. Men and women alike went through great lengths to improve the quality of their hair just as we do today!


Aroma Hair... Aromatherapy Formulas for Healthy Hair 


Contained in this book are over 100 safe and effective recipes for hair loss and other scalp and hair conditions. Here’s a sample of what’s included in this book:

  • History of Botanical Hair Care
  • How Aromatherapy Works
  • Aromatherapy’s Effect on Hair
  • Detailed Profiles of 30 Essential Oils used for Hair
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Step-by-Step Blending Instructions
  • Custom Blending Instructions
  • Over 100 Recipes
  • 127 pages of information

Included are Recipes for:

  • Specific Types of Hair Loss
  • Children’s Formulas
  • Dandruff
  • Oily Hair, Dry Hair, Brittle Hair
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Lice
  • Ringworm
  • Etc

This book will provide you with an intimate understanding of aromatherapy, especially as it applies to hair growth and hair care. You will learn how to blend safe and effective formulas for hair loss and other scalp and hair conditions.

Here’s what has been said about some of the formulas that can be created from the information in this book.

Female Hair Loss Formula 

thought the formulas were working but I didn’t want to jinx myself by getting my hopes up. When I went to the hair salon my stylist commented on the new growth and how much better my hair was looking. Then I knew it was true! Elaine S. Lebanon, NJ

Female Hair Loss

After seeing how depressed I was about my thinning hair, my friend did some research and found out about your formulas. After using them for two months I am starting to see some new growth. I feel so much better now. I am hopeful that the growth will continue.
Annette J. Wausau WI

Childs Alopecia Areata Formula (7 year old)

Just an update on my daughter -- Her condition is much improved and we are now seeing significant growth. My wife is so pleased that she will also be using your formulas for her own general hair care.  
S.B. Pepper Pike, OH

Dandruff Formula

I can’t believe how fast the dandruff formula worked. I’ve tried so many other products which only seemed to make my problem worse. The refreshing scent smells wonderful and makes me feel energized! 
Renee G. Streamwood, IL

Lice Formula

Finally we were able to get rid of our daughter’s persistent lice problem, once and for all. The pesticide treatments we tried were not working. We are so thankful that we found out about your natural formulas and could not believe how effective they were. 
Renee G. Anaheim, CA





This book contains some very potent hair loss remedies which are not are not included in Aroma Hair. Find out how these powerful hair growth stimulators are used to “jump-start” the re-growth process.


As an added bonus you will also receive:


By following my top ten tips you will avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. These tips will help ensure you receive the most potential from your hair growth program. 


The sooner you start the better chance for success!

 Become an Expert on Female Hair Loss

Take Charge of Your Own Hair Health

...It’s Easier than you Think!






To help you stay on track and make the most of your hair re-growth program



ONLY $24.95

Once payment has been recieved, you will be redirected to a page where you may download all three books plus my top ten tips instantly. Within moments you will recieve download instructions via email.
Please contact me at 
if you have any questions.

I am committed to helping you on your journey to beautiful, healthy growing hair! Once you receive and read all the information, feel free to contact me through email to ask questions and to report your progress! I’d love to hear from you.


Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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