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This is not an advert

Posted by Christopher Spivey  On June - 23 - 2013



After I published my article ‘The camera never lies’ – which as I’m sure you know was an expose of the Boston bomb hoax – I received quite a few messages asking me if I was going to do something similar on the Woolwich murder.

‘Well’ I thought, that’ s a bit of a bleeding cheek being as I have already written one. You can find that HERE

However, as it happens I had already made a start on a new Woolwich article but obviously these things take time.

Never the less, I can tell you that I have uncovered a lot of new information – all of which convinces me beyond all shadow of doubt that the whole thing was a hoax.

And, having had a quick scan of today’s newspapers I find that there isn’t a lot worth putting on here.

So, instead of commenting on some old boring bit of news, I thought I would give you an example of the kind of evidence that I have found which will all go to prove that the Woolwich murder was a sham.

Now, despite the MSM insisting that the ‘murder took place in John Wilson Street, it did in reality actually happen in Artillery Place.

I can only conclude that this false reporting by the MSM  is either because they have an ulterior motive for doing so, or its because they are fucking useless.

Never the less, Artillery Place is an extremely busy road and as such, to make the pantomime work they had to block the road off in both directions, including access to and from Rectory Place.

Rectory Place is the first turning on the right when you turn into Artillery Place from John Wilson Street.

This isn’t the new information by the way. I’m assuming that you all already knew that they blocked the road off by means of using the Bus and the Lorry.

This is why  Michael Adebolajo supposedly quite inexplicably pointed the gun at the lorry driver who promptly fucked off, never to be seen again.

I mean, had this been real, the lorry driver would  just of mingled with the other spectators?


There ya go!

The road is nicely blocked, all ready for “lights, camera’s, action”.

Now, despite some false reports that the ordinary plod turned up before the Armed Response Unit (ARU), if you have watched the availible footage of the two ‘terrorist being ‘shot’, you will know that this wasn’t the case.

What this footage shows is that the ARU turned up, the two Michaels charged and both were shot four times each.

A moment or two later, the ordinary Plod turn up and loudly order everyone to “GET BACK, GET BACK”.


So, with that being the case, how in the name of fuck do you explain what is depicted in the following photos?


Good that isn’t it. Had I fucking blinked, I would have missed it.

Still, you would have thought that they would have stopped to help… The dirty snaky cunts.

I have a awful lot more shit like that which I am now in the process of sorting into order and typing up.

Hopefully, the article will be ready within the next two or three days.

And, at nearly 9,000 words already, there is a lot to be revealed.

Course, with the whole shebang being faked, it can only have been the government who carried out the hoax.

Those  particularly involved are; the cunt Cameron, the Homo Secretary Terry May and the evil genius gob-shite BoJo.

Obviously, the Met Commissioner Bernard Hog Howe, was also in on the ruse, as well as other police top brass… The dirty bent cunts.

Now, I am absolutely positive that the reason this pantomime was played out was in order to turn our great nation of half witted fucktards against the Muslim population.

This was done in order to further the governments Zionist puppet masters agenda of reeking havoc in the Middle East.

Course, inciting racial hatred is a serious fucking crime, but obviously, with the filth being involved, they are not going to arrest themselves.

Never the less, the fact that the Cunt Cameron and his bunch of perverted thieves have taken part in this amateur dramatic production is absolutely unforgivable. The cunts need hanging.


Like I say, the full article will be ready in a day or two. But honest to fucking god people. These Evil, Evil Cunts have to be stopped.

On a lighter note I got this through the post the other day.

Council Tax!

Are they fucking serious?

I didn’t know whether to laugh or be insulted!

I was certainly dying to ring them up and say “Do you know who I am”?

But I’m not that daft either.

Never the less, I am going to have to decline Rochford Councils kind offer to attend their illegal shenanigans.

Besides, I’m due to wash my hair on the 26th.

C’mon people, get a fucking grip. Time is running out. Definitely for me it is anyway, if not for all of us.

Lets go to war. I’m sick to death of these queer cunts.

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