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The Vibrant waters of the Dead Sea Jordan

The Dead Sea Jordan does not disappoint. From its vibrant blue waters to its high salt content it is unlike any other body of water in the world. This photo from high above gives you an idea of the contrasting landscape that Jordan has to offer. Driving along the coast of the Dead Sea, we were taken by it’s beauty. Across the water we could see the country of Israel. So close and yet worlds apart. Both Jordan and Israel border the Dead Sea. They have good relations, but talking to most Jordanians, it is a relationship that they tolerate. Most who we spoke with don’t love their neighbour. It is sad that there is so much unrest in this part of the world. It is a beautiful barren landscape and when visiting the country, you almost feel the eternal spirituality pulse through the air. It’s an ancient land with an ancient history and the Dead Sea is one of the most beautiful destinations you’ll visit. 

The Dead Sea Jordan

The Dead Sea of Jordan

Make sure to swim in the Dead Sea as well. You’ll be amazing to feel just how much you can float in the salty water. I wouldn't have believed it myself, but it’s true. It is impossible to sink in the salty water. That is not to say it isn't’ impossible to drown. Many people drown face first in the Dead Sea due to the fact that they are more buoyant than they anticipated. Be careful when swimming int he Dead Sea. That’s our advice to you.

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