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The Evisceration of Yugoslavia Part II: Nazis, Bilderbergers and Clinton Liars


(Part two of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers …)


by Dean Henderson

Serbian Protest in the Northern Mitrovica



The CIA-fed US media never once examined the shameful historical parallels to their demonization of the Serb people.  Nearly a half a century earlier Adolf Hitler used the exact same tactics to justify his genocide against Serbs.  In 1939 Hitler’s Nazis invaded Yugoslavia.  He called the Serbsuntermenschen, which means “less than human”.  Meanwhile the aristocratic families of Yugoslavia, largely Muslims who gained power during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, banded together with the largely Croat business class, to form the pro-Hitler Utashe, which committed horrific acts of genocide against the working class Serb majority.

The Serbs are largely Eastern Orthodox, while Yugoslavia’s 4.7 million Croatians are mostly Roman Catholic.  The Vatican has been accused by Jewish holocaust victims’ groups as having served as a repository for the gold which the Utashe plundered from Jews and Serbs alike during their terror campaign.  Pope Pius XII never once spoke out against the Nazis. [1]

When Hitler invaded Austria, Catholic bishops told their congregations to support the Nazis. Swastikas flew over the Vienna Cathedral.  Rudolf Hess was the SS officer at the center of the secret Nazi-Vatican-US alliance during WWII.  The Nazi business combine I.G. Farben, which made the Zyklon B poison gas used for the Auschwitz genocide, while using the prisoners there as slave labor, has morphed into Sterling Drug, Hoechst and Bayer.

In 1998 Pope John Paul II confirmed the Papacy’s position when he beatified Croatian Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, who was Archbishop of Zaghreb during WWII.  When Germany invaded Yugoslavia in 1939 Stepinac embraced the pro-Nazi government of Ante Pavelic as “God’s hand at work”.  Pope Pius XII was apparently impressed, promoting Stepinac to Cardinal.  Marshall Tito, the great nationalist who during WWII united the Yugoslav people against the Nazi invaders, was not so enamored with Stepinac.  Tito tossed the archbishop into the poky for his collaboration with the Nazis and Utashe.  President Franjo Tudjman, who would rule the new Croatia until his death in 2000, adored Cardinal Stepinac. [2]

The international banks also backed the Nazis.  Max and Paul Warburg sat on I. G. Farben’s board, as did H. A. Metz, who was director at the Warburg Bank of Manhattan- later Chase Manhattan.  Bank of Manhattan director and Federal Reserve Board member C. E. Mitchell sat on the board of I. G. Farben’s US branch.  In 1936 Avery Rockefeller set up a combination with the German Schroeder family, who served as Hitler’s personal bankers.  Time magazine called the new Schroeder, Rockefeller & Company “the economic booster of the Rome-Berlin Axis”.  Morgan Guaranty Trust and Union Banking Corporation (UBC) also funded the Nazis.  UBC board member Prescott Bush is President George Bush Jr.’s grandfather. [3]

US corporations pitched in for the Nazi’s as well.  Farben joined forces with ITT, along with GM, Exxon, Ford and GE in sending funds and key military goods to Himmler’s SS.  ITT’s Sosthenes Behn was a director at National City Bank, now Citigroup.  ITT supplied the Nazis with radar equipment, air raid warning devices, artillery shell fuses and all the ingredients that went into the rocket bombs that later reigned down on London.  Nazi armored vehicles were manufactured by Ford and the GM subsidiary Opel.  Henry Ford was a great admirer of Hitler, who also held Ford in high regard after the 1920 publication of Ford’s treatiseThe International Jew.  Hitler’s Mein Kampf incorporated entire sections of Ford’s book.  In 1938 Ford received the highest Nazi honor possible for a non-German- the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle. [4]

In 1932 leaders of German industrial behemoths Krupp, Siemens, Thyssen and Bosch signed a petition urging Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor of Germany.  A year later at banker Baron Kurt von Schroeder’s home a deal was cut to bring Hitler to power.  Attending the meeting were brothers John Foster and Allen Dulles of the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, which represented Schroeder Bank.  Schroeder managing director T. C. Tiarks was a director at the Bank of England. [5]

In the spring of 1934 Bank of England Chairman Montagu Norman convened a meeting of London bankers who decided to covertly fund Hitler.  Royal Dutch/Shell Chairman Sir Henri Deterding helped in this effort.  He hoped Hitler would march on the Soviet Union and return RD/Shell assets seized by revolutionaries at Baku, Grozny and Maikop.

Even after the US went to war with Germany, Exxon Chairman Walter Teagle remained on the board of I. G. Chemical, the US I. G. Farben subsidiary.  Exxon was integral in supplying the Nazis with tetraethyl lead, an important component of aviation fuel.  Only Exxon, Du Pont and GM made the stuff.  Teagle also supplied the Japanese with his product. [6]

Albanian kids playing at the remains of Serbian houses - Image by Ikuru

Albanian kids playing at the remains of Serbian houses – Image by Ikuru

Exxon and I. G. Farben were such close business associates that by 1942 Thurman Arnold, head of the US Justice Department’s Anti-Trust Division, produced documents that showed, “Standard and Farben in Germany had literally carved up the world markets, with oil and chemical monopolies established all over the map.”  As of 1998 there were still scores of lawsuits pending against Ford, Chase Manhattan, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Allianz AG and several Swiss banks for their dealings with the Nazis.

At the heart of Hitler’s inner circle were the secret societies Germanordern (brothers of Yale’s Skull & Bones), the Thule Society and Vril.  The concepts of “Great Masters”, “Adepts” and the “Great White Brotherhood” which the Nazis used to justify their idea of Aryan superiority, were ancient ideas that had been carried forth by the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the Teutonic Knights, the Illuminati, and Hebrew Cabalists.  These same concepts can be found in today’s New Age Movement, whose New Age magazine was first published by the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Washington.  Henry Kissinger was an early supporter of the New Age movement.  The global center of this fascist thinking can be found at the Rothschild-controlled Business Roundtables of London.

The German occultists believed ancient German tribes were the true keepers of the Ancient Mysteries which had their origin in Atlantis, when seven races of God-men were introduced to Earth, possibly by the Annunaki.  Thule was a Teutonic Atlantis believed by the Nazis to house these long-vanquished races, who had lost their godly powers by interbreeding with mere humans.  At the inner core of the Thule Society were Satanists who practiced black magic.

The Master Adept of the group was Dietrich Eckhart, who later incorporated these ideas into Heinrich Himmler’s SS.  Vril was derived from Business Roundtable spiritual guru Lord Edward Bulwer-Litton’s book Vril, which discusses an Aryan super-race that came to earth in the distant past.  General Karl Haushofer was the leader of Vril and mentor to Hitler and Rudolf Hess.  Heinrich Himmler was a Vril member.  Haushofer worked with CIA and P-2 Italian Freemasons to lay the “rat line” to South America.

Hitler became obsessed with the Spear of Destiny, used by Roman soldier Gaius Cassius to kill Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross.  Hitler believed, as do the powerful modern-day secret societies, that whoever possesses the spear controls the world.  Author Tex Marrs and others have predicted that a likely Illuminati candidate for crowning as New World Order Sangreal King is Philip of Spain, who is a Hapsburg.  The Hapsburg family is said to currently possess the Spear of Destiny.

The swastika was a symbol connected to a Sun god, which symbolized Lucifer.  Roundtable insider Rudyard Kipling spread the symbol to India, while Madam Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society spread it throughout Europe.  Hitler was once described as a “child of Illuminism”. [7]

According to Dr. Walter Langer, who did a wartime psychoanalysis of Hitler for OSS, Hitler may himself have been a Rothschild.  Langer uncovered an Austrian police report proving Hitler’s father was an illegitimate son of a peasant cook named Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who at the time of her conception was a servant in the Vienna home of Baron Rothschild. [8]

In May 1941, two years after Nazi troops stormed Yugoslavia, Rudolf Hess parachuted into the estate of the Duke of Hamilton, saying a supernatural force told him to negotiate with the British.  Hitler was ostensibly visited by this same apparition and suddenly turned vehemently against occultism.  He ordered a crackdown against Freemasons, Templars and the Theosophical Society.  Suddenly the international banker crowd pulled the plug on Hitler’s finances and began to denounce him.  Six months later the US entered WWII.

Evisceration Time

By June 1991, with the Gulf War just ended, Croat and Muslim separatists declared independence in two regions of Yugoslavia.  Arab fundamentalist fighters funded by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and trained by the CIA were arriving in Yugoslavia to help defend the new enclaves.  In 1992 1,200 UN Peacekeeping Troops arrived in newly formed Croatia.  By the end of April their ranks had swelled to 14,000. [9]

Additional UN troops were deployed to new Bosnian and Slovenian enclaves.  US Marines arrived in the Mediterranean region. An Adriatic Sea naval flotilla representing seven nations led by the US lurked off the Yugoslav coast.  US-based charities like Americares and the Maltese Cross were landing in Zaghreb- the Croat stronghold- with food, supplies and toys.  The 600,000 ethnic Serbs living within the breakaway enclave got no toys. Instead, they were terrorized. [10]

Bush Secretary of State James Baker was point man in blasting the Yugoslav government, which he was referred to as the ‘Serb’ government, as if Yugoslavia had suddenly vanished from world maps.  His imported Islamist fighters now moved on Bosnia.  The Assassins came from the likes of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the bloody Algerian Armed Islamic Group and al Qaeda.  These fanatics overtook major cities and proclaimed Alija Izetbegovic and his cronies rulers of the Bosnia-Herzegovina region.  In 1992 Slovenian right-wing nationalists followed suit and declared independence from Yugoslavia. [11]  The Yugoslav government lodged a protest at the UN, saying the US was siding with the separatists.

The US responded by flying $1 million worth of supplies to Bosnia on Air Force planes flying from Italy.  US envoy Ralph Johnson met with Bosnia’s self-declared President Izetbegovic.  The US recognized Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia as independent nations. The Bilderbergers scurried to prepare teams of athletes from these new nations to participate in their 1992 Olympic Summer Games.  The US persuaded the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on remaining Yugoslav republics Serbia and Montenegro.  Lawrence Eagleburger and the House of Saud pushed for a lifting of the UN arms embargo on Yugoslavia to get arms to the Muslim fighters which the CIA was training. [12]

Oil imports were blocked, airline service suspended and Yugoslav sports teams banned from the Olympic Games.  President Bush froze $214 million in Yugoslav assets and announced the imposition of an Iraqi-style no-fly zone over Bosnia-Herzegovina. [13]  The US threw money at the campaign of Milan Panic, a millionaire living in the US who now rode his corporate media-crafted white horse back into Belgrade to be elected Yugoslav Premier.  In his victory speech Panic took a subtle whack at socialism stating, “No idea is worth dying for at the end of the 20th century”.

As Yugoslavia tried to stop the CIA-led partition of their country, the fighting intensified.  When US Marines came ashore in Somalia, CFR Director George Pratt Schultz called for a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia from his Chevron Texaco perch.  Soon NATO warplanes were bombing Yugoslav forces, who were trying to re-take Bosnia.

Russian lawmakers voiced their outrage at this first-ever NATO-led bombing effort, passing a law imposing trade sanctions on Croatia for “genocide against the Serb people”.  Boozing IMF poster boy and Russian President Boris Yeltsin vetoed the bill.  Russian media reports claimed the CIA was behind the attack on the Sarajevo marketplace, which the US had noisily blamed on the Serbs as a pretext for the bombing campaign.  Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev called the NATO bombing, “an evil path leading to the past, to nowhere.”[14]

Both the Bosnian Army of the newly created Muslim Croat Federation and the Croatian Army were trained and equipped by Turkish and American advisers.  The training was overseen by a private firm known as Military Professional Resources (MPRI), a US company made up of retired generals and colonels.  MPRI was paid $400 million to train the Bosnian Army by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brunei and Malaysia.  Many Bosnian Army members were Islamic extremists who are now al Qaeda leaders.

A service takes place at an ld Serbian monastery - Images by Ikuru

A service takes place at an ld Serbian monastery – Images by Ikuru

After receiving MPRI training, the Croatian Army launched an offensive into northwest Yugoslavia, grabbing more territory around Banja Luka and Krajina and destroying peace talks underway in Belgrade.  In the five days preceding the Croat offensive, code-named Operation Lightning Storm, MPRI General Carl Vuono, who was US Army Chief of Staff during both the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War, met at least ten times with Croatian General Varimar Cervenko on Brioni Island in the Adriatic Sea. [15]

Operation Lightning Storm gave new meaning to the phrase “ethnic cleansing”.  During the bloody Croat assault on Krajina, entire Serb villages were sacked and burned, leaving hundreds dead and 170,000 more homeless.  During the Croat assault on Srbenica, US advisers backed a bloody slaughter causing 200,000 more Serb peasants to flee.  Many Croat militiamen deployed in the effort were members of the fascist Croatian National Congress (CNC), which had received funding from such international pariahs as Nicaraguan dictator Anastacio Somoza and Paraguayan strongman Alfredo Stroessner.  The leader of the CNC is convicted Nazi war criminal Janko Skrbin, who continues to avoid imprisonment from his US refuge. [16]

Yugoslav Military Commander Momcilo Krajisnik said of the Croat offensive, “We find ourselves in the position to either have the peace talks (in Belgrade) collapse, or to make it crystal clear that we shall not accept such a false cease-fire and such an approving attitude of the international community toward Muslim and Croat behavior.  If individual actors in the crisis continue to destabilize and destroy the state, the army of the Republic shall undertake measures to defend integrity, sovereignty and constitutional order”. [17]

NATO bombs rained down on Bosnia. The Croats went on a US-backed offensive. The Yugoslav government was forced into the US-sponsored Dayton Peace Accords, which rubber-stamped the partition of Yugoslavia. [18]  In 1995 President Milosevic said he had been misled at Dayton by the US delegation, which was led by Clinton envoy Richard Holbrooke, former investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston, the old Eastern Establishment opium bank that served as paymaster for the Kennedy and deGaulle hits and handled Richard Secord’s Lake Resources accounts.

In December 1995, amidst a flurry of foreign troops arriving in the new nations of Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia to “keep the peace”, Yugoslav Army Commander Ratko Mladic called on the Yugoslavian people to “defend what has been ours for centuries”.  He said of NATO’s Iron Mountain-style peacekeeping efforts, “We must not allow our people to come under the rule of butchers.  Those who bombed us have now infiltrated like lambs, saying they want to protect peace.”

Mladic was later indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT), along with Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic.  Before prosecuting the Yugoslav leaders in abstentia, IWTC Chief Prosecutor Richard Goldstone met for two days with Clinton CIA Director John Deutch, former director at Citibank and SAIC.

Dean Henderson is the author of four books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the Matrix and Das Kartell der Federal Reserve.
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