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Tears, laughter at Hells Angels funeral

Hells Angels MC

BY: Emma Partridge

Australia -

A group of more than 100 heavily tattooed Hells Angels would usually be an intimidating sight, but their faces were wet with grief on Friday as they farewelled a man fatally shot in Sydney.

Tyrone Lee Matthew Slemnik, 37, was gunned down outside an Eastlakes unit block on July 8 as part of what police say is a turf war between the Hells Angels and Comancheros bikie gangs.

Police investigating Mr Slemnik's death said they believed he was about to receive his Hells Angels colours.

Bikies from across Australia, along with another 200 friends and family, attended a service at St John The Evangelist's Catholic Church at Campbelltown on Friday morning.

Gang squad police attached to Strike Force Raptor had a heavy presence outside the Cordeaux Street church, with marked cars driving past every few minutes before, during and after the funeral.

Most bikie members remained outside the church, underneath plumes of cigarette smoke, listening to the service on a loudspeaker.

There were members from the City, Prospect, North, Adelaide and the Gold Coast chapters among the mourners. Scenes from Mr Slemnik's life were shown in a visual montage on the church walls.

Zoltan Slemnik broke down as he paid tribute to his brother.

"We laughed together, we cried together, we even got smashed together," he said.

"You were a pain in the neck sometime . . . but I loved you."

There were also bursts of laughter as pictures and videos of the colourful character were shown.

Images showed Mr Slemnik hugging a blow-up Santa, "planking" on kitchen benches, crossing his eyes, wearing deer antlers and belting out tunes on a karaoke box.

There were pictures of him with world champion boxer Anthony Mundine and many photos of him superimposed with celebrities – including an image purporting to show him with Prince William and Princess Katherine on their wedding day.

Photos included the slain Hells Angels prospect as a no-tattoos teenager attending school formals, and in the final weeks of his life hugging his daughter in his sleep.

Slemnik, of Aboriginal and Slovenian descent, is survived by his brother Zoltan, sister Maria, partner Lizzie and four children – Chaquemia, Serqoia, Tyrone Junior and Armani.




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