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Spybuster Tip # 845 - Don't Plug Your iPhone/Pad into Hotel Docking Stations

“Apple accessories, especially dock stations and alarm clocks become more and more popular. Nowadays, it is common to find such devices in hotel rooms,” wrote French security consultant and pentester Mathieu Renard. But can we really trust them? What if an alarm clock could silently jailbreak your iDevice while you sleep? “Wake up, Neo,” warned Renard. “Your phone got pwnd!”

At Hackito Ergo Sum 2013, an international security and hacking conference recently held in Paris, Renard presented iPown: Hacking Apple accessories to pwn iDevices. He started by looking at what an attacker would consider to be the most interesting Apple services before describing “how they can be exploited in order to retrieve confidential information or to deploy the evasi0n jailbreak.” (more)

Especially true when visiting countries with reputations for spying on foreign visitors. ~Kevin

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