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Snow-Job Over At The NSA


by Preston James


Yes, the NSA is trying to pull a Snow-Job on the American people over Edward Snowden.

It’s time for the NSA to start coming clean and stop their misinformation/deflection ops to neutralize the disclosures of Edward Snowden who turns out to be a stand up man and another American Hero. 

The flimsy efforts of the NSA to cover up their misbehavior are a disgrace to America and show a total lack of respect for the American People. Yes, but what else is new?

As soon as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) reported that Edward Snowden claimed that the NSA was spying on all normal law abiding Americans with no warrants and then confirmed this, the NSA started up its misinformation Wurlitzer machine, spinning all kinds of psyops and misinformation stories.

Instant confirmation for Snowden’s story by the CMMM with no doubts expressed.

The big mystery here is why for the first time has the CMMM decided to completely accept a whistle-blower’s story such as Snowden’s story rather than playing their usual part to cover-up such leaks? Why was Sibel Edwards ignored and so many others?

Russel Tice, a great American Hero with tremendous courage and a deep commitment to keep his oath to the Constitution that he was sworn in with, went public back in 2009, but got no front page traction.

Sibel Edward’s story was pure dynamite but was strongly suppressed.

Her testimony alone in a suitable grand jury could have eventually put away numerous USG officials and Congress-folks for long stints in a federal prison for misprision of felonies, terrorism, mass murder, obstruction of justice, RICO, sedition and treason. Sibel Edwards is one the greatest America heroes to ever live, and is of the quality of Gweneth Todd who some believe single handedly stopped another Mideast Invasion that could have started a nuclear WW3.

More on this instant confirmation of the CMMM later, but suffice it to say this suggests a significant shift in the power base inside the deepest control elements inside the beltway and the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).  Some say that it is because the top MJ-12 boys are reaching the end and being pushed aside, with their great personal powers waning by the day.

Caught with their pants down, shifting blame becomes the NSA’s game and they throw up a big Snow-Job or smokescreen for cover and to project blame.

Once this story broke as was automatically confirmed by the CMMM, the NSA began its work to dispense a big “Snow Job” to deceive “we the people” and shift blame for their crimes to Snowden. Here are their strategic talking points.

Talking Point #1: Snowden’s leak did irreparable damage to the USG intel system.  Okay, then shut it all down and make all secrets public except for the launch codes and communication scrambler algorithms. The truth is that Snowden only confirmed what numerous other whistle-blowers before him had said, folks who had received no validating coverage by the CMMM and had zero credibility confirmed to their stories, but lots of doubts generated.

This is an attempt to shift blame away from the NSA for their warrant-less spying, phone taping, Internet tapping and other wiretapping on all American Communications, which by the way are serious crimes and serious felonies and violations of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights every time they have done this. As it was shown at Nuremberg, just following orders does not provide legal protection for crimes.

There is now good reason to suspect that the NSA has done serious damage to American businesses by stealing and dispensing secrets to its “strategic partners” and has engaged in serious use of wiretapped information to blackmail judges, politicians, Intel, high military command and prominent corporate leaders who don’t want to “play ball”.

Talking Point #2: Snowden committed Treason and should be arrested.  The usual dual interest politicians who serve a foreign Mideast power of course, the tribe who hijacked our central banking, quickly chimed in on this. Some congressional aides of this crew even called for Snowden’s need to be “disappeared”.

Snowden did not disclose specific operational secrets, did not blow anyone’s cover and did not place any intel agents in danger like Dick Cheney did when he exposed Valerie Plame as a deep cover CIA NOC. And this did result in numerous murders and destroyed operations which were being done ethically by one of America’s best deep cover agents in history, Valery Plame.

Fortunately Valery Plame survived but it sure looked like Cheney set her up to be targeted all because he was mad at her husband diplomat Joe Wilson for discovering that there was NO yellow-cake after all.

Talking point #3:  The NSA has stretched the Constitution in order to protect the American People from serious acts of terrorism, foreign and now domestic from returning vets, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, Tax protesters, Tea Party members, Evangelical Christians, Catholics and NRA members.  This is complete BS because a recent Congressional study on Fusion Centers has shown that they uncovered and prevented Zilch, zero acts of terrorism inside America (1).

In fact various important former officials have now come forward and stated that the USG itself instituted the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon with the help of the NeoCon Zio dual Citizens and the Mossadniks (2).  The only terror plots uncovered have been entrapment ops set up using retarded or mentally ill loners, and the FBI quickly solved these plots because they set them up in the first place (3).

Talking Point #4:  The NSA has tapped all American Communications in order to protect the ”national security” of the United States.  This is a lie, it has been done to protect, enhance and expand the “national security state, i.e. the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and and the “crony capitalism” of the large network of private interlocked central banks with approximately 140 major international corporations it has merged with.

This has resulted in the formation of a covert NWO Globalist system which provides a perpetual revolving door for future jobs for NSA folks who “retire”, positions in the NSA for those hand picked from this network, and a worldwide Globalist economic system which cuts out the “little guy” and just about completely assets strip him. Actually this has done a great deal to harm many Americans and destroy the Republic, and has undermined America’s true security.

Talking Point #5:  The NSA has tapped all American Communications without collecting any specific conversations or content and thus the average American is not harmed by this.  This of course is complete BS.  It is now well known that the NSA records everything transmitted digitally and has “live ears” listening to “high value persons of interest” which is at least a few thousand at any one time.

No need to list all the programs like Echelon, Carnivore, Stellar Wind, Prism, etc., all which are interlinked by a variant of the Promis software originally developed by Bill Hamilton and Inslaw, but which was stolen from him by American intel, leaving a trail of dead investigators and informants including Danny Cassalaro. Variants of Promis were sold all over the world by American Intel cutouts but promis has some very deep and secret “back doors” which allow full access remotely.

The SSG and the USG has used NeoCon Zio Cutout communication and phone billing companies to handle all this and it is highly suspected that these companies have gained access to some of these back doors, a significant and huge breech of true American National Security. Some insiders believe that this breech of American national security over business communications has seriously harmed and even destroyed numerous American companies and resulted in numerous patent application information intercepted and sold to competitors in the NWO Globalist network of “the 140″, which some describe as a Globalist NWO Super Fascism”.

Talking Point #6:  The NSA’s collection of all Americans communications has stopped about 50 terror plots, according to a statement by President Obama.  However, Two US senators have refuted President Barack Obama’s claim that the government’s controversial surveillance program has thwarted terrorist plots.

Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall said in a statement on Wednesday that the top US officials were wrong in their assertion that the secret National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program has disrupted more than 50 terrorist plans to attack the United States. ( .

Yes, it’s a Big Snow-Job over at the NSA over the disclosures of Edward Snowden.

A Snow Job is an effort to throw up a big big, dense smoke screen comprised multiple red herrings, excuses, lies and rationalizations to detract and deflect the truth by keeping folks arguing about peripheral matters of no real importance or validity.  It is an attempt to project blame for one’s crimes on others by accusing them of doing the same thing or worse while vehemently denying doing anything wrong.  But what should the penalty be for those folks in the SSG and at the NSA who are undermining and destroying the Constitution?

If the seriousness of these NSA unconstitutional acts and crimes against “we the people” were properly recognized and processed by the American citizens, this would result is such a strong reaction it would bring down the current regime which illegally seized the SSG in 1963 with a coup de etat that assassinated JFK.

More and more USG cover-ups and deep cover, black covert ops are being uncovered and exposed thanks to the worldwide Internet and its obvious power which quickly transmits interviews and death bed confessions of old agents who want to come clean.

As the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas arrives this fall, the SSG spin machine is spending millions to intensify their 49+ year cover-up. The SSG is so worried about the truth of the JFK Assassination reaching mainstream America as a prototype exposure of USG corruption, that they have basically rented all of Dealey Plaza and locked it down, in an attempt to minimize current exposures of the true assassins of JFK which are overwhelming and very, very alarming.

The true facts about who murdered JFK and how are now available for anyone that wants the truth and more and more is coming out each new month. Those who learn of these blockbuster discoveries of irrefutable proof start quickly to gain a basic understanding of what went wrong in America and who seized power illegally and has held on to it through violence and bribery.

Much of these efforts such as the Dealey Plaza lockdown for November 22, 2013 are obviously due to the great and unending investigative efforts of DA Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs, Noel Twyman, Robert Livigston, film-meister supreme Oliver Stone, and especially Professor Jim Fetzer and his large teams of very highly qualified medical, photographic, video and technical experts.

Anyone who reads the conclusive volumes of Prof. Fetzer summarizing the work of he and his teams will clearly understand that the USG murdered KFK and how it was done. More and more of the specific details atre no w coming out thanks to this tremendous research by all these individuals and many others and the fact that the USG did it (like 911) is a true liymus test for anyone’s knowledge of how things really work at the highest level in the USG in America.

The Truth About Flight 800 is going to come out, all of it, just watch and see.

Recently several crash investigators for Flight 800 have come forward and said they were coerced to participate in a cover-up and that the real cause was a US Navy Aegis missile strike right through the fuel tank of the 747. This is a major story and just another indicator that the whole SSG tyranny structure is now eroding and breaking down from within.  Without getting specific I can assure you that this kind of disclosure is just the tip of the iceberg. In the next weeks and month many more even bigger disclosures are going to leak out and will probably curl your hair. You will likely see the SSG rocked to its very core in ways you never expected.

What Snowden disclosed is not new, not Top Secret, not even Secret but it does disclose highly illegal and unConsitutional acts by the NSA for which there is no excuse.

What Edward Snowden disclosed is not new, is not Secret nor even Top Secret, or is it any surprise to seasoned intel insiders within American Intel or any other large international Intel agency. It sure looks like the NSA has been using secrecy laws and “national security” to hide its unconstitutional acts and crimes from the American People.

The NSA is trying to portray Snowden as a big traitor that committed treason, when that could not be further from the truth. He is a stand up man that had a conscience and unconstitutional and highly illegal acts by the NSA.  They are the ones doing these crimes not Snowden or any others who previously reported these serious crimes and unconstitutional acts.

Does the Snowden disclosure signal a major lane change inside the SSG, the high military command or certain sectors inside the highest level of intel? Might it involve a significant number of former high ranking Brass and Flag Officers or high intel?

Yes, it is possible that other folks highly placed in American Intel and the High Military Command are using Snowden and providing unknown or silent protection, or perhaps riding the wave to obtain certain goals desired to restore the American republic and Rule of Law (see Intel Cowboys, . So, many of these “intel cowboys” are so smooth in what they do that they cannot be detected easily while they work, and typically one can only discover they work afterwards by noticing the results of very expert handi-work.

It is very interesting to note that that for some reason for the first time the CMMM has gleefully carried this story about the massive NSA spying against the American people and apparently turned against President Obama.  And a number of his close aides and former supporters appear to be “drifting away rapidly too.

Yesterday it was reported that Bill Ayers said President Obama was a war criminal for his use of drones.  Is this a signal that President Obama will not finish office and insiders are bailing on him or it is a subtle reminder that when he or any other President bucks Israeli pressure to invade a Middle East Country, eventually the media will be turned on him?

It is obvious to anyone that examines the evidence the top managers at NSA lied to Congress, to the American people and have tried to impose flimsy excuses to snow the American people.

Rather than “fess up” and tell the truth and apologize and take responsibility for violating their oaths of office, damaging the Constitution, the American way of life and basic freedom, these folks lie through their teeth and parse words.  They appear to be as bad as everything they claim to be protecting America from with their illegal, unconstitutional spying.

And certainly they did not protect us from our own USAF high command and the Neocon Zios and mossadniks that did the 911 mass murder with their NYC Twin Towers and DC Pentagon attacks.

They took an oath of office and have seriously violated it.

These folks took an Oath of Office to uphold the US Constitutional and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  That includes protecting us from people like themselves and their abuses on behalf of the Banksters and the IZCS.

The current oath was enacted in 1884 and is as follows:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

America needs a real and viable Truth and Justice Commission and we need it as soon as possible before America completely collapses from massive corruption within the beltway.

America needs real and viable Truth and Justice Commission set up to investigate these massive intel abuses within the USG and SSG and that includes the DHS which was started and is now run by NeoCon Zios on behalf of the City of London Banksters, the IZCS and Israel.

Yes, these top officials at NSA sure appear to be “Oath Breakers” and must be immediately made fully accountable and removed from office, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their massive abuses of power and crimes against the American people.  However if a Truth and Justice Commission was set up and run properly with significant representation by a wide spectrum of the public of all classes ages and positions, grants of immunity could be offered as long as these folks came completely clean about all the USG and SSG crimes they are aware of as well as all foreign intrusions such as NeoCon Zio spying and hijacking of our central banking, intel and communication systems.

What are their serious crimes and offenses one might ask? Later on some will be presented.  Suffice it to say that if properly used the NSA could have been used to prevent the massive corruption, massive illegal drug trafficking into American and illegal weapons trafficking out of America, and all the highly illegal deep cover black murder ops and secret mercenary wars the SSG has been engaged in without permission of the American people of any legal declaration of war.

We need to cherish whistle-blowers because how else can we expose and stop these unconstitutional and criminal acts of such “out of control” intel and spy agencies of the SSG?

It’s time for the leaders of the NSA to stand up and get real with the American people.

Yes, it’s time for the NSA to get real and stop their cover-up operations and massive lying to the American people that pay their huge salaries, benefits and operational expenses.

Edward Snowden was not the first NSA whistle-blower, but perhaps the one that may have “broke the camel’s back”.

Russel Tice was discussed earlier in this article. Thomas Drake and William Binney also came forth before Snowden and although never prosecuted, were seriously harassed and threatened and then blacklisted like so many whistle-blowers who have exposed extreme USG, SSG and Intel corruptions, unConstitutional behavior which are essentially RICO type crimes. These folks are also great American Heroes, as is Mark Novitsky who came forth twelve years ago and exposed massive illegal spying and has been seriously harassed and vocationally blacklisted like so many others over the last 50 years since the CIA and USG became involved in massive illegal trafficking of drugs into America and weapons out.

Instead of grand juries being formed and issuing warrants for the arrests of the NSA principals committing these serious crimes against “we the people” of America, the US Department of Justice, aka the US Dept of Just-Us which is one of the most corrupt federal Agencies that ever existed, merely sits by and allows these whistle-blowers to be harassed and in some past cases even murdered by special NSA hit teams. Mark Novitsky was sued by the corporation he exposed and although this action seriously harmed him personally and financially, he prevailed in court.  It was like David defeating Goliath (4).

Now for a brief laundry list of the alleged sins of the NSA:

1- Massive Blackmail of politicians, military, etc.

2-Tracking of all CIA black tar opium flights (operation Whitestar, etc.) during the Vietnam War.

3. Tracking of almost every single MIA/POW in Vietnam and keeping it secret (Monika Jenson-Stevenson and William Stevenson, Kiss the Boys Goodbye).

4. Knowledge of special black op sniper teams sent into murder POWs to prevent them from talking about secret wars in Laos, Cambodia and CIA drugs after Kissinger negotiated the settlement on Nixon’s behalf.

5. Knowledge of special aircraft sent in to spray POWs with VX nerve gas to eliminate them (this secret was told later by Admiral Thomas Moorer on 6o Minutes). This alarming disclosures was soon followed by a misinformation program run to discredit his testimony.

6. Knowledge of the use of at least two “battlefield sized” tactical nukes delivered by a carrier based aircraft to North Vietnam as a “weapons test”.

7. Sophisticated knowledge of UFOs, alien treaties and various related operations and Deep Underground Bases (DUMBS) withheld from the American public who have a right to know.

8. NSA has always tracked almost every single large DOD or CIA drug shipment, even DEA controlled deliveries and done nothing to ask these to be intercepted. They have functioned as accessories to these crimes.

9. The NSA knowingly has allowed large arms shipments to Mexican drug Cartels under Operation Fast and Furious and other similar Operations and allowed over 100,000 illegal Mexican drug Gang soldiers to illegally enter and reside in America without blowing the whistle, making them an accessory.

10. NSA has always used reciprocal leasing arrangements with Allies such as Australian and British defense contractors to play games and spy illegally without having the appearance of doing so.  this is called use of “smoke and mirrors” or also known as the “Potomac shuffle”.

11.  NSA has knowingly allowed foreign allied intel operatives to do wetwork inside America and other sophisticated spying ops, and in some cases provides authority to stand down” the local police as cover for such operations.

12.  NSA has always used DOD contractors to transfer responsibility to the private sector international corporations, thus creating a long term revolving door for future high paying jobs.  In essence this has ended up placing most of the actual control within the Board of Directors of these large defense contractors and such board s are typically “interlocked” with the same players appearing over and over again.  This is what has created the Secret Shadow Government.

13.  Almost all NSA spying is illegal, against the US Constitution and Bill or Rights and is being done to protect the security of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the IZCS but no-one else, certainly not the American people or America.  It is little more than a tool or cutout of the Central Banking system run out of the City of London and the IZCS.

14. The NSA has numerous top secret, above top secret and beyond black psychotronic mindkontrol  programs, one which involves several large public schools.  If the parents actually knew the scope and content of these programs on behalf of the SSG which feature pulsed beam microwave entrainment systems, they would be outraged beyond what one can imagine. Some insiders have hinted that the public schools are fast becoming the NSA’s new playground for testing psychotronics and mindkonrol and building NWO globalist thinking in young suggestible students.

15. In depth complete knowledge of the infiltration and hijacking of most of American sigint for American consumers by the IZCS linked spy fronts operating out of Israel or moving there to be part of the NOW Globalist system when Jerusalem is destroyed in WW3 and rebuilt to receive the NWO Caesar of the Ages of the OBN.

It is important to note that there are many good blue-badgers that are not dirty. 

Like most folks these people just want good ;paying professional jobs with great benefits and have worked hard to get necessary educations to become qualified.

NSA is highly compartmented and many line or section workers have no idea what their final work product will be since they only are involved with one small part.  the higher up one goes in rank, the more they know but only those at the top truly know they are committing RICO crimes and unConstitutional acts against the American people.

Beltway backroom rumors of NSA abuse abound aka “providing info for blackmail and human compromise ops”?

Such as the idea that secret data obtained by NSA eavesdropping was used to blackmail a sitting Supreme Court Justice to make a critical decision which tipped a key healthcare case for being Constitutional as a tax.

Or that NSA secret data gained from eavesdropping has been used to control a southern “closeted” US Senator that is one of the biggest supporters of the NSA domestic spying program and pushing America to fight Israel’s wars in the Mideast.  (Watch this man’s eye’s closely when he speaks and see if he looks mentally healthy to you).  Human compromise ops are typically part of sophisticated mindkontrol programs. And some insiders believe that the NSA is responsible for Michael Hastings recent car bombing assassination since he was allegedly writing a story on the NSA and told friends he though that intel was stalking him.

What could the NSA do differently if it became lawful and Constitutional and its leaders kept their oaths of office?

Can you imagine how much good the NSA could do if it limited its work to Constitutional, rule of law based surveillance after obtaining proper warrants based on real “probable cause”.  They could work to help ICE arrest and prosecute/and or deport all drug gang soldiers inside America.

It seems the SSG is hell bent on war and addicted to it.  If this is the only possible option, then why not surround, capture and if necessary attack the real enemies of America such as the SSG private DOD contract installations at Area 51, Papoose Lake, Tonopah, Dulce.  Why not do the same for any criminal element in the CIA or any American Intel agency or any foreign Intel agency secret spying on Americans and engaging in espionage inside America such as those run by the IZCS?

And the USG has reasonable cause to declare a real war against Mexico based on its drug cartels and all the crime they produce inside America.  This war would of course going after a significant sector of the SSG, and various American Intel organizations such as contained within special sections of the CIA and NSA.

Stay tuned because odds are you will be very shocked at the new leaks that will be breaking out all over from insiders in the SSG. My best guess is you “ain’t seen nothin yet!”


It certainly seems the manner in which the Snowden disclosure was released and immediately fully accepted and validated by the CMMM is noteworthy, especially when so many other prior ones were largely ignored.  It seems likely that this is best interpreted as an indicator a major internal shift of some kind is occurring structurally deep with America’s Secret Shadow Government (SSG).  It is too early to ascertain exactly what the scope and range of this shift is or what it entails, but it is clear that numerous individuals are distancing themselves from the current administration and the Bush2 administration.

In a remarkable twist to this story it has now been reported that defense attorneys are going to try hard to access NSA wiretaps even though illegal to use as evidence to exonerate accused clients (5). They will be arguing strongly that justice demands this. This is just one more indicator that the American public has just about had enough of all the lies about the phony War on Terror and now realizes that the only real Terrorists are deep inside the USG who start all these phony wars based on terror attacks like 911 that they did themselves.

Might this mean that another major economic setback is on the horizon, like the deep recession of 2008 or worse? Could there be a significant “silent coup” now occurring in the background inside the beltway, which if it becomes blocked, may go live?  Could there be several “Seven Days in May Type” operations in the works? Could this be an indicator of the expulsion of NeoCon Zio influence and the rejection of the City of London financial system in its earliest stages? The evidence so far points in that direction and as Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff has pointed out, world Zionism is now in its death throws.  Perhaps it is like a cornered rabid dog which makes it very dangerous until its disease runs it course.

It is too soon to say, but many top retired intel and high military believe that all these numerous disclosures indicate major change as well as signal that major push-back from “we the people” against a central government that has become tyrannical, illegal and unConstitutional is now occurring and has obviously been hijacked by foreign offshore money power (the City of London Banksters and the IZCS). Some believe that the “Intel Cowboys” who are true Patriots have gone back to work, but it is always hard to tell because they are often far too smooth to be detected until their handi-work shows after their missions have been completed.

And there is another important factor that must not be overlooked now that the NSA secret door has been opened. The American economy is hurting.  The average American has lost approximately 55% of their wealth since 2008. The USD has been seriously debased by central government misspending.  the USG has been on a drunken spending orgy since they did 911, extracting trillions from ordinary hardworking Americans to feed a huge central government parasite comprised of the “federal family”, the massive intel apparatus for warrant-less spying on all Americans, DHS and all the other LE agencies, and the huge international corporate  war profit machine of the SSG.  The average American is being parasitized into poverty, homelessness and a stark future for their children.

The central private bank continues to issue/print money every month to funnel it to everyone but the American people.  This must stop and the huge parasite inside the beltway and the federal government must be defanged, shrunk and made responsive to the American people.  The salaries paid to USG officials are extremely high, a huge waste.  The nation is near bankruptcy.  This massive waste by the big federal parasite cannot continue and we cannot afford any more wars at all.Why should the taxpayer pay folks to use and abuse themselves?  It makes no sense at all. We must see an end to all electronic voting which guarantees phony, fraudulent elections. these massive leaks and disclosures like Snowden’s and all the rest are the first stage of shrinking the big “federal family” parasite and re-establishing tenth Amendment state’s rights.


(1) Prof. Jim Fetzer, John Whitehead,

(2) Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D.,


(4) Mike Harris, The Short End of the Stick Program on Rense Radio Network on 6-13-13 with Mark Novitsky,


For those that have the time and interest there is quite a bit of additional information on other NSA whistleblowers prior to Edward Snowden: Five part Democracy Today Series with James Bamford whuich describes eavesdropping on American soldiers  personal family phone calls during Mideast wars,

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