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Dion Jovi

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Hey Andy, I know where you got the story on the Hells Angels Club on the killing! From Kelly Stembock! But then again evrry one is out there to make a buck!! That girl Tammy you wrote about was a lie when you stated that Tammy said to the cops that she helped clean up. I'll tell ya something, The question that was asked was ( WAS YOU THERE TAMMY WHEN JAY WITT WAS CLEANING? She said yes, and thats when they cut the rest of her answer. Thee answer she gave was ( yes she wss there, but did no cleaning. See Andy, you pick up a story that has alot of lies, You wasnt there, so you don't really know what the hell really happen inside thst Club huh? Well did you write on your note book that Jay Witt kidnaped her in the earlier months, tried to kill her and torrchered till she was all most dead.If she even tried to run from him, or have somebody call the cops, Jay all ready told her if she ever did, he said he would burn her mother's house with the dog, and have her watch and listen to the cry and sound of dying of her love one. And what would your teeth look like if Jay Witt punched and kicked you around while your tied up with duct tape and shoved his gun into your mouth if you didnt do what he says?? Oh and by the way, there was no fight inside the Club as Jay Witt says' Willy Furlong beat the hell out of Jay Witt the day before Jay killed Willy! All of this was over the COLORS that Jay didnt want to give back to the H Angels! Jay said and made the Club look like a gang fight, and Jay made it as he planed.Now, think about this one, the news stated that Jay Witt was cleaning blood off the wall by the door and the door too, so if Willys body was found by the bar, thats about 20 some feet away from the door! Jay was waiting for William Furlong cause Willy did mess up Jay real good the day before. Willy went to the Club but not knowing that Jay would be there! I can see Jay just waiting for Willy, then Jay shuts off lights, abd waits by the door so the second Willy walks in and shuts the door' boom boom, righr there on that spot, Willy didnt know what hit him I bet, cause ya dont think your gonna get shot and killed instantly!! I beleive Willy was a strong big guy I heard, and for Jay to put anyone down is to use his gun. Jay Witt ya might as well say he shot Willy in cold blood! So go out and do your checking on this story.

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