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Reverse Engineering The Illuminati Mind Set – Pt. 2

Monday 4th November 2013 at 10:46


‘In the first essay under this title, we took a voyage into the heart of a microcosmic ‘black hole’ in order to explore the inner workings of the Illuminati mind set. Once there, we entered into a process of observation – while ensuring that our own state of being remained charged by photon energy from the divine source. We saw that at the heart of this black hole was a darkly festering void made up of imploded and subsequently reversed energies – behind which ‘light’ was trapped.

In deepening our penetration of this amorphous mass – and in allowing ourselves to sample it’s emotional condition – we discouvered that elements were familiar to us – and that it was not an entirely ‘alien’ state, but recognizeable as pertaining to various emotional plains experienced by us at one time or another during our lives.

Recognizing this ‘connect’ made it possible to share an empathetic vibration with this entity which, in turn, caused something to stir within its sleeping cellular tissues. Something that made it possible for this entity to experience a quite ‘new’ emotional message.’

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