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Recipes for Allergies

Hi everyone! 

I was born and raised in Australia and now I am living in NYC! So…. I am experiencing some changes in my body as it adjusts to the seasons. I was experiencing some annoying allergy symptoms this week so I used the following recipes and foods to relieve them. Outback Australia is what my body is used to, where it was very hot majority of the year, so winter was not really something I ever experienced until coming here. What’s important is that we use natural local and seasonal foods to assist our body with the changes.

The simplest, quickest and more affordable way to relieve allergies immediately is to drink lemon water. If that isn’t powerful enough try my tea recipe:

Allergy Relief Tea

Makes one

1 inch piece of ginger chopped into cubes
1 garlic clove diced
1 lemon
1 dash of cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon of honey (optional)
2 cups of water

1. Bring water to boil and add all the ingredients except the honey.
2. Squeeze the lemon juice into the water and then chop up the rind and add that. Soak for 5-10 minutes.
3. Drain the tea water, add honey and stir and drink when possible!

Why this is good against allergies:

  • Local raw honey will contain various pollens from your area. When it is consumed on a regular basis it helps to desensitize your immune system to pollen. This can reduce the severity and number of allergy attacks.*
  • Ginger tea and raw honey works to break up chest congestion and loosen phlegm. It strengthens the immune system and acts as a natural antihistamine.*
  • Lemon tea with honey: Steaming tea rouses the nasal cilia so that you’re not coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose first thing in the morning.*
  • Lemon boiled in one cup of water for 15 minutes makes an excellent home remedy for hay fever. Use only the fruit, not the rind. Cool and mix with raw honey to relieve symptoms.*
  • Garlic: On clinical studies, quercetin, a natural compound found in garlic and onion, is observed to mimic the antihistamine effect of certain drugs. When regularly added to the diet, spring may just pass without causing hassle sniffs.*
  • Cayenne pepper: Like garlic, it also contains quercetin that can act as antihistamine. But more than that, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent throat and nasal irritations. Some people prefer using cayenne pepper because the natural heat it produces in the body is said to comfort irritations caused by allergens.*

*Source from

3 Other Earth Diet Allergy Relieving Recipes:

Superfood Kale Salad - INGREDIENTS: Kale, avocado, apple cider vinegar + more.

Yellow Mellow Turmeric Tea INGREDIENTS: Turmeric, chamomile, ginger.

Grapefruit Juice INGREDIENTS: Grapefruit.

Allergy relieving foods: 

1. Local raw honey

2. Ginger

3. Grapefruit

4. Green Tea

5. Lemon

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Peppermint

8. Chamomile

9. Anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric

10. Antioxidant rich foods like berries

11. Omega 3 rich foods like avocado




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Author of The Earth Diet Book

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