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Pakistan Vote Rigged by CIA to Defeat Imran Khan

Anti-Drone Candidate Victim of Massive Election Fraud


British backed terrorist cited in election violence

By Gordon Duff with Press TV


Another story not reported in the west, hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis are protesting recent elections.  Imran Khan, the wildly popular “rock star” candidate who was injured at a rally just prior to the election is now seen as being denied the presidency due to massive fraud.

Blamed is the London based Muttahida Qaumi Movement and their leader, ALtaf Hussain, with rumored ties to the CIA and MI-6.

Reporting of election fraud has been cleansed from the western media as Khan, oddly a favorite with US military and intelligence circles still loyal to America, saw his election stolen through violence and blatant fraud.

A 2011 conversation between Imran Khan and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today over the issue of the arrest of Raymond Davis:

Khan had sworn to end drone strikes in Pakistan, a subject that curiously places him in line with policies announced on May 23, 2013 by President Obama.

From Press TV:

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf or the PTI, led by Imran Khan, have been protesting in major urban centers to build up public pressure on the Election Commission and superior courts to recount votes and verify fake thumb impressions on ballot papers in dozens of electoral constituencies.

The PTI, an anti-US political party complains that it was deprived of large number of seats through electoral manipulations in the biggest province of Punjab. And so was the case in 20 million populated port city of Karachi where activists of an ethnic political party allegedly took over polling stations at gun point.

The PTI blames Altaf Hussain, London-based head of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, a controversial ethnic party, for using violence as a tool to manipulate elections results and allegedly killing and kidnapping political rivals. However, Altaf Hussain’s party denies the charges.

Nonetheless, the PTI obtained second highest popular vote all over Pakistan, and won elections in the northwest of the country after the party politically cashed-in on unprecedented anti-US resentments because of frequent US drone strikes that killed thousands of civilians in adjoining tribal areas bordering with Afghanistan.

The PTI has in the past blocked the NATO supply line in the northwestern province which is rife with the highest anti-US sentiments. Therefore, concerns within the Obama administration are growing about the safe passage of NATO supplies into Afghanistan and smooth withdrawal of foreign forces from the country through the geo-strategically important region of northwestern Pakistan, where the PTI is set to form a provincial government.

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