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One World Whey protein tests 100 times cleaner than popular vegan proteins for heavy metals: lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury results here


[MikeAdams]Wednesday, January 22, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)
Tags: One World Wheyclean proteinheavy metals lab tests

I have some good news to share with you on the laboratory testing front. We've been testing a lot of protein products lately, and I'm actually quite shocked to see the levels of lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and even some other rare heavy metals in popular vegan protein products. I'll be releasing full details in a few weeks, but as a result of my findings, I have stopped consuming nearly all vegan proteins altogether.

The exception is hemp proteins, which consistently test very clean. But if you are consuming any other vegan protein right now, I would strongly advise you check with the manufacturer about metals levels in those products, because we are finding very concerning levels in many popular vegan protein products.

So I decided to test One World Whey, the No. 1 brand of unpasteurized whey protein made completely without hormones or artificial ingredients. Initially, I expected I might find considerable levels of heavy metals in the product, as it is derived from dairy production, but my fears turned out to be completely unfounded. (For the record, we received absolutely no money from One World Whey to test their products. In fact, they weren't even aware we were testing them...)

It turns out that One World Whey is the cleanest protein we've tested yet, and it is WAY cleaner than the most popular vegan proteins we've tested, often by a factor of 100 to 200 times cleaner!

Here's the comparison:

Popular vegan proteins vs. One World Whey protein

Popular vegan proteins: .2 - .8 ppm
One World Whey protein: ZERO (yes, zero! Not even detectable at 1 ppb!)

Popular vegan proteins: 1 - 2 ppm
One World Whey protein: 0 - .01 ppm

One World Whey is over 100 times cleaner on cadmium!

Popular vegan proteins: .06 - .08 ppm
One World Whey protein: .01 - .02 ppm

One World Whey is 5 times cleaner on arsenic!

Popular vegan proteins: .03 - .04 ppm
One World Whey protein: .004 - .009 ppm (virtually zero)

One World Whey is 5 times cleaner on mercury!

Popular vegan proteins: 20 - 24 ppm
One World Whey protein: .35 - 3.5 ppm

One World Whey is 10 times cleaner on copper!

Popular vegan proteins: 30 - 33 ppm
One World Whey protein: 1 - 4 ppm

One World Whey is over 10 times cleaner on copper!

The bottom line? One World Whey is by far the cleanest protein we've found yet. It's so clean that it's downright shocking.

This is absolute proof that One World Whey comes from clean cows eating clean food. There's no way to "fake" these results. If the final product is clean, the inputs are clean, no exceptions!

Now, I cannot guarantee that every single lot of this product is going to be as clean as the lots we have acquired. We can only promise these lab results for the lots we have in stock right now in our warehouse (because we test EVERY lot we receive, of EVERY product we sell).

The lot numbers we tested for this research are listed at the bottom of this article.


Help support our lab testing by purchasing One World Whey from the Natural News Store

Because One World Whey is so clean, we decided to carry it and help support the small business that makes it. (We're the ONLY online health store that tests everything we carry for heavy metals.)

Click here to get some One World Whey at the Natural News Store.

We've got chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors available, both in 1 lb. and 5 lb. containers! Our price is the same (best) price as everyone else, because One World Whey strictly controls their pricing.

If you find a lower price, it's a counterfeit product!

We have all these products in stock right now and ready to ship today.

When you buy from the Natural News Store, you help us support more laboratory testing of products, a process which is very, very expensive. The cost to build a lab like ours is over $1 million, and the testing itself is expensive to conduct. We do this testing in the public interest and we freely share our findings at

So we thank you in advance for your purchase from our store.

Shop now at: and enjoy this remarkably clean protein that totally blows away nearly all vegan proteins we've tested so far.

Lot numbers we tested (and which we have in stock right now)

One World Whey Vanilla / 1lb
Lot#: VC4677; BBD: 12/2015

One World Whey Strawberry/ 1lb
Lot#: ST4677; BBD: 12/2015

One World Whey Chocolate / 1lb
Lot#: CH4677; BBD: 12/2015

One World Whey Vanilla / 5lb
Lot#: VC4677; BBD: 12/2015

One World Whey Strawberry/ 5lb
Lot#: ST4677; BBD: 12/2015

One World Whey Chocolate / 5lb
Lot#: CH4677; BBD: 12/2015

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