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Nugget Shooting Jury Watches Hours Of Surveillance
BY: Terri Russell

Nevada - RENO, NV - Jurors in the Street Vibrations shooting case spent the entire day Wednesday looking at surveillance video from John Ascuaga's Nugget the night of the shooting in 2011.

The video is important to the prosecution and defense. Vagos member Ernesto Gonzalez is accused of killing Hells Angel Jeffrey Pettigrew on September 23, nearly two years ago. The footage backs up "how" both the prosecution and defense say this fatal shooting went down. The "why" is going to be left up for the jury to interpret.

Jurors watched surveillance footage over and over again on Wednesday during trial... footage of the melee between the Vagos and Hells Angels motorcycle groups.

You can see glass breaking and Hells Angel Cesar Villagrana pulling out a gun.

Both the defense and prosecution agree defendant Ernesto Gonzalez was not in the middle of the fight,but rather, on its periphery.

What cameras show next is Gonzalez retreating to a dance floor area and pulling a gun, then making his way back to the action.

While video shows a woman dropping to the ground presumably, according to testimony from Bill Prichard, Nugget Surveillance Supervisor, because of gun shots-- the video never shows Gonzalez pulling the trigger and killing Hells Angel Jeffrey Pettigrew .

But even defense attorney David Houston concedes his client did kill Pettigrew.

But it was in an effort to save a fellow Vago, who Houston says was going to die at Pettigrew's hands.

"Ernesto Gonzalez was put in a position as the evidence will show of making a decision, do I do nothing? And let that happen, knowing full well what they have already done? Or do I fire this gun?" Houston told the jury in his opening statement.

Gonzalez is shown leaving the casino after the shooting.

Other videotape shows Sparks police arriving on scene to put an end to the violence.

Houston says the two San Jose-based gangs got along well at the Nugget for years, and that it was one renegade Vago member from Los Angeles who started the fight.

Prosecutors say this hit was all well-planned ahead of time with Gonzalez agreeing to kill Pettigrew




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