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Cleared in Internet Kiddie Crime Investigation


Miami Heat star Chris Andersen -- aka Birdman -- has been cleared in a criminal investigation allegedly involving an underage girl on the Internet ... a year after the Feds raided his Colorado home.

The Internet Crimes Against Children task force searched Andersen's home looking for some link between him and an underage girl in California, with whom Andersen had allegedly carried on an illicit relationship both online and in person. But it turns out, it was all an elaborate "catfishing" scheme.

According to police, Andersen was actually set up by a 29-year-old woman in rural Canada named Shelly Lynn Chartier -- who posed as a real girl in California while communicating with Andersen. In turn, Chartier then used Andersen's image to communicate with the actual girl in California.

The ruse was so convincing that the California girl -- who was of legal age -- flew out to Colorado to meet Andersen. The two made contact, but the relationship didn't progress from there.

That's when Chartier allegedly threatened Andersen with extortion, making claims the California girl was actually underage. Chartier was arrested in January. Andersen will NOT be charged with a crime.

A rep for the Miami Heat said, "We are not surprised this is the end result. We are happy for Chris and glad this unfortunate incident is behind him."


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