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Mexican army captures Zetas drug lord Miguel Angel Trevino Morales

This photo of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales after his arrest was apparently leaked by the Mexican government and posted on Twitter by reporter Alfonso Ponce. / Alfonso Ponce/Twitter


One of Mexico's most wanted drug lords has been captured: Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, also known as "Z-40."

Trevino Morales, leader of the brutal Los Zetas cartel, was caught Sunday by Mexico Marines in his hometown of Nuevo Laredo, just over the U.S. border, CBS News has learned.


The U.S. State Department had offered a $5 million reward for Trevino Morales.


The Zetas cartel is among Mexico's most violent, notorious for mass killings and beheadings. In May, the Mexican army said their leaders ordered underlings to leave 49 mutilated bodies in a northern Mexico town square


Trevino Morales' brother, Jose, was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison in Texas for using a racetrack to hide illegal drug profits for his brothers.


Another horse ranch in Oklahoma was raided in June under suspicions it also hosted a money-laundering operation for Miguel Angel Trevino Morales.

The wanted poster for Miguel Trevino Morales on the Drug Enforcement Administration's website.


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