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LAPD High Crimes - Rupert: 'I Believe Dorner 100%'

Posted by David Icke

'Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD cop. He knows its dark side well. He witnessed it firsthand. Its rap sheet includes corruption, abuse of power, complicity with CIA drugs trafficking, unjustified arrests, beatings, murder, perjury, witness tampering, evidence planting, frame-ups, coverups, racism, sadism, and other crimes.

It wants its dirty secrets kept hidden. They're ugly and longstanding. Many examples bear witness. In March 2000, news reports revealed LAPD Rampart Division Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) unit criminality.

It included unjustified arrests, beatings, drug dealing, witness intimidation, murder, evidence planting, frame-ups and perjury. An organized criminal subculture exists. Anti-gang officers and supervisors run it.

They "celebrate" shootings. They get away with murder.'

Read more: LAPD High Crimes - Rupert: 'I Believe Dorner 100%'

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