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Veterans Today was right – Kiev shootings a psyops provocation


Breaking Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone

… by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor


You would think authorities would want to know who shot who, and why?

You would think authorities would want to know who shot who, and why?

The conclusion is no surprise but it is nice for the Russians to share the confirmation with us.

Our own analysis of the earlier triple angle videos of the shooting showed advancing unarmed demonstrators being shot from behind from 180 degrees, and also from a side behind angle of about 35 degrees from buildings across the street they occupied.

The angle was low, so the shooters were not up high, so they could exit their positions quickly.

A third party shooting both sides of a conflict to stimulate general fire is a classic Intel psyop, and nothing like that happens spontaneously.

In this case, some of the fire is short bursts from automatic weapons. You can see the bullets impacting the trees, actually going over the heads of the demonstrators.

And then you see the snipers nailing individual targets, including those behind cover from the riot police. I have seen one photo of a dead protestor with a hole through his bullet proof vest, an armor piercing round. When the riot police began to get shot, they would have had their people join in the shooting, assuming the advancing protestors where shooting at them, the whole point of the provocation.

To save you time watching this…the first two minutes are dead time while the Estonian FM is waiting for the connection to Ashton. The main thing he confirms prior to the shooting part is that the members of the transition government are a lot of people with some very shady pasts…gangsters, America’s, the EU’s and NATO’s new terror ally nation-builders in Eastern Europe.

They don’t get into the shooting discussion until around 8 minutes. The Estonian FM says that the medical and on the ground people all confirm that the riot police and the protestors were shot by the same group…and there was no qualification on that. You will notice that Ashton matter of factly acknowledges this but does not ask any questions.

This would not be the first time where people shot their own 'for the greater good' as they call it.

This would not be the first time where people shot their own ‘for the greater good’ as they call it.

And the last big thing is that the Estonian FM says the interim government has no interest in an investigation to establish who really did the shooting.

Ashton again acknowledges, but strangely does not ask the FM who he thinks did it, something the faraway person would normally be asking the ‘been there’ person. One might assume that she already knew, and thus did not have to ask.

Despite knowing they are aligned with hard core street paramilitaries whom they have brutally set loose upon the Ukrainians, neither shows the slightest concern over any of their depredations.

Their main business talk was in regards to getting money to the broke government so they can function and not collapse…but there was no mention of extracting an independent investigation commitment from gangsters for the promised money. Now isn’t that special?


This conversation took place on Feb. 26th, 2014…and we assume was intercepted by Russian security

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