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Jennifer Aniston partners with Zach Galifianakis in the war epic film about Crete

GRReporter wrote a week ago about the new film project of the actor of Greek origin Zach Galifianakis, who has become popular with the comedy “The Hangover”. In it, the viewers will see him in a different light, as he has decided to shed light on one of the most significant events in modern Greek history, namely the battle of Crete. According to recent publications in the Greek press, Zack has even managed to secure the financing of the project, which amounts to about five million euro.

The film will be shot entirely on the island and it seems that it will be directed by Thodoris Papadoulakis who is known for his work connected with the television series "The Island" based on Victoria Hislop’s novel.

A panoramic photo of a mountainous region on the island of Crete, Photo:

Strong Greek participation

Jon Lucas, one of the writers of “The Hangover” trilogy, who is Zach Galifianakis’ cousin, is already working on the screenplay. However, the Greek Hollywood participations do not end here.

It is almost certain that we will see Jennifer Aniston, who is also of Cretan descent, in the role of the woman next to Zack in the film. In the past, she had repeatedly expressed her disappointment in the fact that the majority of the film audience was unaware of her descent from the largest Greek island. Her real name is Genovefa - John Anastasaki and she will probably take advantage of the film shooting to visit the region of Chania which is the place of her father’s origin.

The screenplay

The main character in the epic war film is a German paratrooper who is going to Crete to participate in the conquest of the island by Nazi troops during World War II. He is injured very badly during the air assault and later, his identity is revealed: in fact, the man is an English intelligence officer.

It is worth noting that due to the resistance of armed and unarmed inhabitants and British troops on the island, the battle for Crete delayed by six weeks the implementation of Operation Barbarossa, i.e. the invasion of Nazi troops in the Soviet Union and the conquest of the territories of the Third Reich.

Those familiar with Galifianakis' film project argue that it is a large-scale production, which will involve thousands of extras and famous Greek actors.

Athens by Night by Woody Allen

At the same time, the rumours continue that the American world famous film director Woody Allen is preparing to shoot a film in which the main action will take place in Greece. According to publications, the film will be entitled “Athens by Night”, starring Penelope Cruz and Brad Pitt.

The story, according to the media, is as follows: An American writer (Brad Pitt) is living in Plaka (the picturesque neighbourhood at the foot of the Acropolis – author’s note), writing a book about the crisis in Greece. Spain's Penelope Cruz will play the role of his Greek girlfriend and lover. Rumour has it that the shooting of the film will take place both in Plaka and on the islands of Kefalonia, Skiathos and Lesbos.


The director has not yet arrived in Athens for the preparation of the film but his 11-member team was here at the beginning of May. The rumours of the preparation of the film were partially confirmed by Greek filmmakers who were in contact with Woody Allen’s associates. According to a publication in To Vima newspaper, however, it is expected that the Greek plans of the director will not materialise before 2014.

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