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Is Cuba’s Lower Autism Rate Connected to Its Less Aggressive Vaccination Schedule?

[Vaccine]Did you catch our infographic on Autism in the United Kingdom on Friday? In case you missed it, you can see it here.

The sad truth is that Autism affects children in many countries, not just the United States. There are some countries, like Cuba for instance that has a troubled economy with not as many Autism treatment options, that have Autism Rates that are 100 times lower than say, the United States that has advancements and a strong(er) economy.

Why is this? Why does Cuba, a less advanced country, have a lower Autism rate? 

Did you know that the United States has the highest number of mandated vaccines in children under 5 in the world? There are about 40 required vaccines for children in the United States. Cuba? Significantly lower.  The United States also has the larges number of documented Autism cases. (source) 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with Autism. (source)

What do vaccines have to do with it?

First a little on vaccines.

The argument over the necessity or lack thereof of vaccines in children has been existent for many years. It was reported some time ago that vaccines had Thiromesol, a mercury related preservative which is harmful on the body. It was said that this was a cause of Autism, since the bodies of children who have Autism have a higher level of toxic metals. Some parents started avoiding vaccines all together, while others felt that the risk wasn’t high enough to not get the protection against other sicknesses.

You might remember a few weeks back when we posted about a recent study thatclaimed that Vaccines were found to be safe. We then went on to explain that it’s not just the presence of Mercury-like substances in vaccines, but the existence of allergens. It’s known that autistic children have a sensitive immune system. They are known to have Gluten or Dairy allergies, and while avoiding the foods that have these in them is a great idea, vaccines can also set this off.

Point being, it’s not just mercury that we need to look out for, but the seemingly “normal” ingredients.

As we said, Cuba has a much much lower mandated number of vaccines. And because of the lower level economy, many children, or even the country cannot afford the vaccines. So, Cuba with hardly any vaccines, has 100x lower of an Autism rate than the United States which has 40 mandated vaccines.

Could it be coincidence?

Take a look at this chart that compares the number of Vaccines mandates and number of Autism Cases. Cuba is not on this list, but on the website, they do state that Cuban men who receive less vaccines, live longer than American men.


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