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Interesting Question About Jamming Bugs & SpyCams

Q. "Looking for a bug jammer that will block out all bugs video or audio near my doorway looking at the rj4000 from the bug jammer store wondering if what they say is true they claim it will block 1 g bugs and 1.2 g bugs with a jamming frequency between 900 to 1000 mhz and 1100 mhz to 1300mhz for bugs"

A. Good thing you asked.

You really don't want to solve your problem this way.

Here's why...
• Jamming is illegal in the U.S.
"seizure of unlawful equipment" " subjects the operator to possible fines, imprisonment, or both"

• Your imported purchase runs the risk of being confiscated by Customs before it even reaches you.

• The RF jammer RJ4000 ALSO jams 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and 1.5 GHz GPS signals. Your neighbors will complain.

Estimated area of noticeable interference. Actual jamming area is less.

But, yes, it will probably do what they say, assuming the bug/spycam transmitter is less powerful than the jammer's transmitter.

Best advice: Think of an alternate way to solve your concerns.


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