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How To Make QWISO (Alcohol Extracted Hash Oil)


Guide to QWISO Hash

QWISO, or Quick Wash ISOpropyl Alcohol Hash Oil, is a hash oil (concentrated form of cannabis) created using alcohol as the solvent.

Most hash like kief, dry sieve, rub, scissor, and even bubble/full melt/ice wax, is made by rubbing the trichomes off the plant. Hash oil, however, is created by using a solvent (such as alcohol, butane, naptha, etc) to absorb the cannabinoids, then the solvent is removed through evaporation.

Also note: the difference between QWISO / ISO hash and an alcohol tincture (Green Dragon), is the solvent and preparation. ISO uses isopropyl alcohol, while tinctures use a drinkable liquor with a high proof (such as Everclear). The goal is ISO is evaporating the product to get physical hash, while tinctures aren't evaporated so they may be consumed as a liquid.

Warning: We do not condone the creation of concentrated cannabis through the use of solvents. It is illegal under US federal law. This is simply for educational purposes. Also, any evaporation of solvents should be handled outside. The fumes from alcohol are toxic and can cause explosions/fire in enclosed areas.


  • Plant matter (trim, nugs, twigs, etc)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (100% is best)
  • Coffee Filters
  • Mesh strainer / Funnel
  • Glass pan
  • Sealable container
  • Razor (something to scrape hash up)

When you're ready for the extraction, begin to make preparations. The process happens very quickly, so having everything ready is key to a clean product. 

  1. Freeze plant matter and alcohol up to 24hrs before extraction. The point of freezing the plant matter is to freeze and stiffen the trichomes, making them easier to break away from the plant.
  2. Prepare a sterile sealable container to pour alcohol into. Mason jars work great. Place your coffee filter into the strainer or funnel.
  3. Remove plant matter and alcohol from freezer. Place the plant matter into your sterile container, and then pour in the alcohol.
  4. Top the lid quickly and shake the jar rigorously for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The longer you wait, the dirtier the product, but possibly more potent. 30 seconds is recommended for the cleanest product.
  5. Remove the lid and pour the THC-enriched alcohol into your glass pan through the coffee filter setup.
  6. Allow alcohol to evaporate in a open-air environment, preferably with a fan running over it, for at least 24 hours. If you're in a hurry, you can double boil the extract to evaporate the alcohol more quickly. However this rushing creates a poor tasting, less potent product.
  7. After all the alcohol has evaporated, scrape up the product from the bottom of the glass pan. It's highly recommended that you burn a small amount to test for any residual solvents*. Once assured the product is clean, smoke alone or with flowers and friends!

I used a mason jar as my container, which allowed me to place the coffee filter into the lid. I find it more convenient than a funnel.

A mason jar fitted with a coffee filter and filled with alcohol and twigs, sitting on top of a mason jar lid

*There's no way to visually determine if your product is completely solvent-free. The best way to check if there's any leftover alcohol in your hash is to burn a bit. If you see or hear any crackling or popping, there's either alcohol in your product -- or possibly chlorophyll from the plant (especially if your extract looks dark or green). If you're hesitant about the purity of your product, just flatten out the hash and let it sit out for another day under a fan.

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