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Hells Angels brotherhood at its best

Hells Angels MC

BY: Lisa Petrocelli

New York - When a friend or family member gets sick or suffers a debilitating accident, you can almost always count on getting by with a little help from your friends. Such was the case, magnified a few hundred times, when the Hells Angels of Troy, New York, held a benefit for their brother, Scott, to help with medical bills he must deal with as a result of a serious motorcycle accident. In addition to other injuries, Scott broke his humerus bone in three places, and those of you who know anything about broken bones, know that the humerus (the long bone in your arm extending from the shoulder to the elbow) is the worst one to break. It takes forever to heal and sometimes never does. There are some elderly people who must live with a permanent broken arm when they unfortunately shatter the humerus bone. Scott has a long recovery ahead of him, even though he is young enough to have the time to heal.

View slideshow: Hells Angels Benefit for Scott

The benefit was held on Sunday, July 7, at Humpy's in Schenectady, New York, on what had to be one of the hottest days of the summer so far. With sweat pouring down the foreheads of everyone who was in and outside of the bar, the smiles were still visible and all were happy to be there to support Scott. Hells Angels members from several chapters in New York State traveled to be present for this cause and celebration of brotherhood. Motorcycle club members from the Albany area, as well as downstate New York were also in attendance, as well as individual bikers from the community, friends and family. Judy and Mike Humphrey, owner's of Humpy's Bar & Grill, and everyone who helped in any way, worked feverishly through the heat to feed the crowd with a great BBQ.

Bikers are notorious for supporting each other in times of trouble, and this was no exception. The compassion and respect shown was truly inspiring.

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