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Guns, drugs seized in bikie clubhouse raid(video)

Immortals MC

BY: Rania Spooner, Nino Bucci

Australia - An outlaw motorcycle club has been raided in Melbourne's east as part of an ongoing shooting investigation.

Firearms and drugs were seized from the Bayswater address by the Echo Tasforce detectives shortly after midday.

A 46-year-old Boronia man was arrested at the property.

The search follows the high-profile shooting of Bandidos serjeant-at-arms Toby Mitchell in Melton earlier this year. Advertisement

The Immortals were linked last week to the shooting of Mitchell and another Bandido's member during a Firearms Appeals Committee hearing.

The committee heard that the Immortals were among a group of about 200 bikies that gathered at the Satan's Soldiers clubhouse only minutes before Mitchell was ambushed.

The group was summoned by the Hells Angels and frisked members of the Diablos after storming their nearby clubhouse.

The Diablos members, who are affiliated with the Bandidos, had their drivers licences taken and photographed by the group and their clubhouse was trashed during a "run through".

Mitchell was shot about 20 minutes later, having travelled from Brunswick after receiving a call from his allies.

The shooting prompted police to warm of an "all-out war" erupting between the Hells Angels and Bandidos.

The Red Devils, Vikings, Tramps and members of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter were at the March 1 meeting.

Some former and current Tramps members appealed against the cancellation of their firearms licences last week. While some admitted being in Melton on the night of the shooting, none were accused of being involved in the run-through or the attack on Mitchell.

The Tramps members told the hearing they had attended the meeting because they believed it had been called to discuss anti-association legislation and did not know a club belonging to a rival of the Hells Angels had a clubhouse only a few hundred metres away.




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