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Fluoride / Pineal Gland Theory


apparently according to the ancients, the organ which connects you to the higher reality, in which you experience spirituality is the pineal gland.

This gland happens to be the organ that regulates melatonin, thus regulates the times you're up and the times you're asleep. So, it appears the ancients knew full well the purpose and power of the pineal gland.

Essentially the organ that separates our waking life from our sleeping life...Or our spiritual life (only 1/60th of the soul stays in the body during sleep) from our physical life.

Its our umbilical cord to the higher world. This organ is also where we 'visualize' or see things with our 'minds eye', considered by the ancients to be the "3rd eye".

Now the weird thing is apparently fluoride(which happens to be put in our water) actually builds up in the pineal gland. This causes a possible divorce or limited response on the pineal glands part in receiving spiritual signals from its source, or the individuals ability to experience any spiritual connection.


Thought that was strange....fluoride actually building up in the pineal gland(go look it up if you think I'm bullshiting) this generations rise in atheism, agnosticism, apathy, etc....There must definitely be some correlation between these two.....Its not simply the indolence of many of these people, but an actual inability to perceive such things...due to the pineal gland being swamped with a chemical that interferes with a spiritual resonance

If i were to guess id say thats the point...abrogating ties between the physical/spiritual worlds....Creating a divorce between body and spirit...Seems like an easy way to control a populace....Create the world you want...Seems like were living in the modern of era of the tower of babel....Everyones coming close to speaking one language, we live in an age of moral blasphemy, sexual impurity, an impudence to spirituality ....and all this essentially serves the goals of the be our 'gods' fashion the world in 'their' image.

Does the pineal gland regulate sleep/wake? yes
Does the pineal gland visualize? yes
Does fluoride build up in the pineal gland? yes.

Given what we know scientifically to the functions of the pineal gland, the ostensible creating capacity of it, being the organ that projects images in our minds....The ancients knew THEN what we know now...The pineal gland does all these things.....If your spiritual resonance came through this highest organ, the 7th/crown chakra...and if you blocked any mental response from this higher reality using a chemical like fluoride, than that obviously tells me that that's one of the main functions of spiking our water supplies with this utterly unnecessary chemical( breast milk has 10 orders of magnitude less fluoride than what they put in our water supplies - so if nature doesn't give us fluoride, why the $#@* do they put in our water/ baby formulas in such high quantities??....


Its because they want us this way....your whole spiritual/psychic sense of reality is blocked by this chemical...turns you into a veritable machine, not asking any questions or even bother wondering.....That sort of explains why today's society is as it is, and all past societies were so radically different.

Lastly, there's the apathy, slightly lowered IQ, cancers, bone diseases, etc dangers of fluoride.


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