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Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With Powerful UN Speech

Emma Watson formally invited men to join the fight for gender equality in a moving speech on Sept. 21, launching the HeForShe campaign. In her role as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she spoke about how impossible it is to achieve equality of the sexes if only one sex participates in the fight:
I was appointed six months ago and the more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.

For the record, feminism by definition is: "The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.

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Wow, all of those kids from Harry Potter are adults now!!!
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Emma Watson is so perfect! She's smart AND fashionable. Still don't know what I love the most about her. I literally got inspired from this look to find an outfit at the last night out I've been to.
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