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Does Edward Snowden even exist?


Many believe the whistleblowers like Manning, Assange and Snowden are false events.  They don't reveal anything not already known, and merely advertise to the world the power of the New World Order to control everything.

They are also used to deter others from joining the whistleblower ranks.

The NWO wants to bring in open world government and control and not work from behind the scenes as it has done for centuries.  Millions are now aware of their false events, and that the political system is a sham.  What better way to get people to understand how they control the show than let loose a series of improbable whistleblowers, and manage their own opposition - things like Anonymous, Wikileaks and so on.

If they weren't doing such things, it would be very surprising.  They control the media.  None of the above would ever see the light of day unless the NWO controllers had decided they would do so.

Edward Snowden seems a totally improbable event.

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