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Cautionary Tale - Employees Bug Boss for Promotions

China - Three public officers, who allegedly placed hidden cameras in a Party chief's office and then tried to blackmail him, have been held for illegal wiretapping and photographing in Huaihua City in central China's Hunan Province...

Prosecutors said the trio plotted to secretly videotape violations by Hu Jiawu, the local Party chief, and blackmail him for promotions, when they dined in early February 2012. They installed spy gadgets on a water dispenser, replacing the previous dispenser in Hu's office. Between March and October 2012, Li illegally monitored Hu and stored the footages in a removable disk, Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.
Li and Yang again sneaked into Hu's office during the National Day holidays in 2012 and returned the original water dispenser. After Li edited the video, he showed it to Hu on October 17 and threatened to expose him if he did not promote them. (more)

Don't think this couldn't happen to you. This is one reason why periodic inspections for electronic surveillance devices (known as TSCM) are a standard business practice.

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