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Bikies hitting the road across the country - outlaw gangs out in show of force
BY: Taylor Auerbach

Australia - ELECTION weekend will see thousands of bikies hit the road as part of huge "national runs" sweeping across the country, leaving police on high alert.

The Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang began their pilgrimage to Perth yesterday and have been "shadowed" by police since departing Leppington is southwest Sydney.

NSW Police spokesman Rory O'Connor said officers had already performed a large scale search of the cavalcade yesterday morning.

"A police operation was carried out due to the very large Rebels run," he said.

"A large number of bikies were stopped 15 kilometres west of Orange and all were breath tested and had their bikes checked.

"A number of defects were detected and some bikes seized."

The Rebels are expected to cross the Western Australian border on Monday having made their way west from chapters around the country.

Members have been told not to gather in pubs and clubs along the way.

The Bandidos motorcycle gang will begin their national run at the weekend and are believed to be congregating in Port Stephens on the NSW north coast.

Police have been clamping down on bikie clubs in recent days and have discovered a number of illegal weapons caches.

On Wednesday morning detectives seized two firearms and 360 rounds of ammunition from an address in Long Beach. It is understood the firearms were unlicensed at the time and belonged to an outlaw motorcycle gang associate.

Later that day Griffith detectives investigating an alleged murder plot raided a house in Hanwood where they discovered three rifles of varying calibre, a 12 gauge shotgun, ammunition, a set of handcuffs, and small amounts of cannabis and ecstasy.

A 55-year-old man was arrested at the premises and granted conditional bail to appear at Griffith local court later this month.

As a result of the arrest police then executed a search warrant at the Vikings outlaw motorcycle gang clubhouse in Griffith where they seized $1200 cash, a small quantity of white powder believed to be amphetamine and a quantity of alcohol. Inquiries into the alleged illegal sale of alcohol at the premises are continuing.

"That came about as a result of an investigation into a solicit to murder," said NSW police spokeswoman Georgie Wells.

"Police always monitor bikies very closely [during national runs] and will often have a strong presence.

"We've been on the past four Rebels runs and we'll be doing the same this year."




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