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Biker group members congregate in Grand Falls-Windsor

Outlaws MC


Canada - The Outlaws motorcycle group holding annual run

Biker gang members from across Canada have congregated in central Newfoundland this weekend.

The Outlaws motorcycle group is holding its annual run in Grand Falls-Windsor.

The RCMP said there are between 15 to 20 full-fledged members and their associates visiting the town, and that this is the first time the Outlaws have held such a gathering outside Ontario.

Police forces from across the country have ramped up their presence around town in response.

Len Isnor, a detective with the Ontario Provincial Police and a biker gang expert, said the members are usually on their best behaviour.

"They know that the police are here, they're used to the police presence," said Isnor. Len Isnor is a detective with OPP and a biker gang expert.Len Isnor is a detective with OPP and a biker gang expert. (CBC)

'What we do … we come here and monitor their activities. Our number one priority is to keep the community safe, so that they can enjoy their Canada Day weekend also."

Police expect the bikers to leave sometime on Sunday.

The Bacchus biker gang has been in central Newfounland since January 2011. The Outlaws arrived in August 2012.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the only Atlantic Canadian province with two 'one per cent' outlaw motorcycle gangs. There are chapters of both in Grand-Falls-Windsor.

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