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In this ritual you will be drawing in a specific way a large five pointed star as protection before doing any other occult rituals, this protects you from negative energies,

Stand straight, keep your less dominant hand at your side, and use your dominant hand. If you already have created your occult knife, use it for this ritual. If not use your index finger. Start at your left hip. Draw a straight line above your head, then horizontally across so that it is outside your right hip, then up to your left shoulder then across to your right shoulder, and finally back to your left hip, ending exactly where you began.

Your knife or fingertip should always be pointed forward.

When you draw the pentagram you should visualize them as a bright light, they should appear as a bright blue flame, if you cannot see the flame, don't worry about it, as your psychic ability improves, you will be able to see it.

Then return your arm to your side, three control breaths, ritual over. Practice this a few time and feel comfortable with it, before doing any more complex rituals and always use it beforehand.
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