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Experience reports

In Western societies it is common practice that people who consciously use visionary, psychedelic compounds, write reports about their experiences and publish them on the internet. Erowid's experience vault, for example, is a cornucopia of psychoactive substances usage data. There are several more sites, forums and online communities with many reports, some of which are extremely detailed.

Below you will find several examples that will give you an indicative idea what can be involved when partaking a session. In corporation with Psychonaut we published some of the experiences that were submitted by community members. These reports do not describe 'the ayahuasca experience' in general, because in many ways ayahuasca causes very different effects each time it is used. When seriously interested in a general description, you might want to read the scientific findings of Benny Shanon, Ph.D., an Israeli professor of cognitive psychology. His work is presented in The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience.

In some experience reports the Shulgin Rating Scale is used.

Explanation of the Shulgin rating scale, which is used for scientific data about
psychoactive compounds
is used.

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Near fatality - Excerpt of a dangerous experience

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