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Ayahuasca Art

Ayahuasca related art is created by all kinds of people who have taken ayahuasca once or more. Below you can find some notable artforms and artists.

Pablo Amaringo -

Pablo C. Amaringo is a very famous painter of ayahuasca visions. He was born in 1943 in Puerto Libertad, in the Peruvian Amazon region. He was ten years old when he first took ayahuasca. A severe heart illness, and the magical treatment of this via ayahuasca, led Pablo toward the life of a shaman. He abandoned his career as a healer in 1977, and focussed on painting and teaching in an art school. Don Pablo Amaringo died on the 16th of November 2009 in Pulcallpa, Peru after a lengthy battle with illness.

Untitled work © Pablo Amaringo -

Robert Venosa -

New York City born, Venosa was transported into the world of fine art in the late 60's after having experimented with psychedelics and having seen the work of the Fantastic Realists - Ernst Fuchs and Mati Klarwein in particular - both of whom he eventually met and studied under.

Of his apprenticeship with Klarwein, Venosa says, "What a time (Autumn, 1970) that turned out to be! Not only did I get started in proper technique, but at various times I had Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Jackie Kennedy and the good doctor Tim Leary himself peering over my shoulder to see what I was up to. "

Ayahuasca Dreams © Robert Venosa -

Isabela Hartz

Isabela was born in Rio de Janeiro and she has been involved with Santo Daime since 1984, living for several years in Céu do Mapiá, the spiritual center of the doctrinal line created by Sebastião Mota de Melo, founder of CEFLURIS and the magazine 'Shaman's Drum'. Isabela Hartz has done numerous exhibitions in Brazil and has worked as a fashion designer as well as created the cover art for over one hundred books. Some of her work has been exhibited at the Richard F. Brush Gallery of St. Lawrence University, in Canton, New York.

Ayahuasca © Isabela Hartz

Nisvan -

Nisvan from Amsterdam has made several interesting pieces of visionary art, inspired by his ayahuasca experiences. He prefers the shamanic ceremonial setting and has made works featuring the portraits of Colombian Kofán tribe shaman Taita Querubin Queta and anthropologist and Jaguar shaman Kajuyali Tsamani, also from Colombia, both reputable healers.

Nisvan: "I invite you to take a look into the magical world of ayahuasca through my paintings. Great thanks I give to the Plant teachers and the Shamans from the Amazone basin, who brought so much love, light and healing into my life."

Kajuyali Tsamani © Nisvan -

Indigenous Art

There are over 70 South American tribes drinking ayahuasca. This plant medicine has influenced such cultures in many ways, including their cosmologies, relationship to the environment and esthetic values. Like the Huichol Indians from Mexico make the visions they get from peyote out of beads, the Shipibo decorate their pottery and embroidery with patterns derived from ayahuasca visions.

Ayahuasca visions on Peruvian Shipibo pottery, the clothes of a shaman and Shipibo tapestry

Alexandre Segrégio

Alexandre was kind enough to write the following text personally for this website.

He is a visionary artist expressing his sacramental art with hermetical symbols and rare forms. The strength, charm and magic of nature are predominant in his themes.

In 1981 he started his spiritual path through União do Vegetal (beneficient spiritual centre União do Vegetal), which influenced his look upon life and his values. Alexandre Segrégio was already painting spiritual themes, but since then his work became enlightened.

He currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Tempo © Alexandre Segrégio -

Paulo Jales

Paulo Jales is a designer and artist from Brazil. He shared with us the following stunning illustrated artwork. For more of his work, check out his website.

Ayahuasca Vision © Paulo Jales -

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