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AT&T will now charge customers for opting out of internet surveillance

Wednesday 29th April 2015


‘But reports indicate that users of the service will have to opt out of having their internet surfing habits monitored by “Ma Bell” for the purpose of targeted advertising and emails. According to, GigaPower subscribers who choose not to allow AT&T to track their browsing habits for customized advertising will have to pay at least $29 more than other customers for access.

The idea behind the tracking program is to see what GigaPower users are searching for and doing online in order to deliver this data up to third parties for marketing purposes (and data will presumably be shared with government agencies). If a GigaPower user searches for cycling equipment, for instance, AT&T may sell this data to marketers who will target the user with customized biking equipment ads.’

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Internet Surveillance is the monitoring of computer activity in a network. Nowadays its necessary to use VPN service for encrypting personal activities on the Internet. FastestVPN is offering military-grade encryption.

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