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Ancient Revelation's Science, Modern Science's Revelation
by Me

Mass equals energy. Radio waves, ripples in substance, travel through "void" (which is itself energy). An electron is objectively a wave unless you subjectively observe it. Most of our best scientists accredit parallel universes and many dimensions beyond space and time. The Big Bang: an explosion from nothingness?


Physical reality is our subconscious mind, which is simply a relatively immediate layer of an infinite gradient of consciousness stretching from "you" to God. It is an intelligent, dynamic interpretation of variables within a rule system arbitrarily set by higher layers of consciousness, of which we are temporary descendants, in an infinitely progressing, instinctual effort of self-realization.


The purpose is to provide the contrast and variation (pleasure-pain etc.) necessary to learn, learning being the expansion of consciousness. According to these aforementioned rules, which we should learn, an infinite supply of energy is meted out by higher levels of intelligence, with authority we can earn, according to their growth strategies for universal welfare.


Suffering is a necessary contrast to pleasure, yet is ultimately avoidable via learning. Ignorance of these rules is necessary for suffering, and selfish displays are against universal virtues of efficient, philanthropic use of energy, so you wont be turning water into wine at the next party. Then again, all rules, to varying degrees, are made to be broken (except One).


The language of the more immediate of these esoteric rules is the two keys on the symbols of the Vatican.



The golden key is astrology; the silver key is the tarot. Their use is abstract, subjective, and learned in unique ways and through study and meditation by those with the prerequisite mental maturity. Because these rules transcend mere spatial-temporal cause and effect, when the seeker is ready, the teacher appears.

The pine cone is an ancient symbol for the pineal gland



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is that supposed to be a giant pineal gland?

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The "pine cone" symbology is definitely "pineal gland" symbology. 
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Zlogic...thank you for joining!
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