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American Dystopia Braces for Self Inflicted Grid Failure

Monday 21st October 2013 at 10:27


‘You can’t make this stuff up. Not only has the idea of a power shutdown via solar or man-made EMP blast or some kind of massive cyber attack been constantly slipped into the American psyche for years, now the drum pounding is getting frenzied with the country virtually even being threatened with it by the authorities. So what do they do? Why, have a drill of course. Let’s shut it down voluntarily and see how that works.

Is this surrea-orwellian or what?

As we know, drills have almost invariably accompanied false flags. They seem to be the perfect cover for this dystopian psychosis du jour. Those under the spell seem to enjoy this piggyback effect. Maybe it’s comforting to know “our boys were there”. Little do they realize it just facilitates moving their personnel and gear around, disabling CCTV cameras, and jostling anyone not on board with the program to some other location while they do their dirty work.’

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