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Al Qaeda, the Private Army of America’s Neocon Right


Syria:  Al Qaeda Comes of Age

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This week, Senator John McCain entered Syria illegally to meet with “rebels.”  However, photos of those McCain met with proved an embarrassment.  McCain met with top Al Qaeda lieutenants long on terror watch lists, long cited as high value targets of America’s drone war.  McCain met with the enemy.  Who better than McCain, known by veterans as the “Hanoi songbird.”  From a Press TV Viewpoint by VT’s Jim W. Dean:

“Mind you these are the heads of an opposition that have no control over their fighters whatsoever. They are looting and raping where they please, and have begun taking religious hostages like the Christian Orthodox bishops.

This blew up in John McCain’s face when one of the kidnapped victims’ families spotted one of the kidnappers in McCain’s front line photo op. He was the one in the rear with the camera. It looks like ‘bomb bomb McCain’ bombed his credibility into further oblivion. But he is still for sale, especially to the Israelis, so that makes him dangerous.

We had the story break that the FSA has been running a sex slave business out of the camps in Turkey using teenage refugee girls. This even beats the pretend-a-mullahs in the Persian Gulf giving the OK for the al-Nusra brigades to rape who they want by allowing three-day temporary marriages to do so.”

McCain, exposed for his role in supporting terrorist groups fighting the US, Russia and now Syria is not the biggest recent embarrassment.  Key to efforts to ”Balkanize” Syria are the Chechen fighters being flown in by the hundreds.  That relationship, the use of Chechens by the CIA and Mossad to support terrorist activities was nearly exposed this week.  The FBI was forced to execute a “possible bombing suspect” who had, in actuality, threatened to expose FBI complicity in the Boston Marathon bombings.

In an interview earlier today with Defense Intelligence and Treasury Department sources, it was confirmed that the FBI is now being looked at as fully complicit in more than one recent terrorist act.  During the conversation it was noted:

“You know, the fact that we have to use a secure line to discuss efforts to support the US government is ironic.  We are afraid our phones are tapped, not by an overzealous government but by terrorist organizations within our government, tasked with destroying that same government.” 

Ibragim Todashev was killed by Israeli trained Massachusetts state troopers and FBI agents to keep him from coming forward about police and FBI complicity in the Boston terror attack.  From CBS News:

 ”The father of a Chechen immigrant killed in Florida while being interrogated by the FBI about his ties to a Boston Marathon bombings suspect said Thursday that the U.S. agents killed his son “execution-style.”

 At news conference in Moscow, Abdul-Baki Todashev showed journalists 16 photographs that he said were of his son, Ibragim, in a Florida morgue. He said his son had six gunshot wounds to his torso and one to the back of his head and the pictures were taken by his son’s friend, Khusen Taramov.”


There was never an organization known as Al Qaeda, not until now.  “Phony Al Qaeda” was an imaginary boogeyman enemy constructed out of false flag terrorists employed by a variety of intelligence agencies to bring the world to economic collapse.  History makes this hypothesis a “slam dunk.”

There was no “Al Qaeda,” a extremist, jihadist movement intent on warring against Christianity on behalf of, well, we aren’t really sure, until if was formed in Syria.  There, up to 80,000 fighters from 27 nations are at war with the government.  The majority are there to create a terrorist empire as a base of operations to attack the United States, Europe and Russia.  None are there to war on Israel or support Palestinian rights.  This is extremely curious.

They are flown into Jordan, planeload after planeload by private cargo carriers contracted to the CIA and Department of Defense.  Two dozen Boeing 747s sit waiting at an abandoned SAC (Strategic Air Command) base in Northern Michigan.  These planes, contracted to the CIA, can carry 8,000 Al Qaeda fighters a day.  Problem is, this isn’t the only such facility.  There are many. In fact, “Al Qaeda” has far more air transport capability that, not just Israel but Britain and France combined.

Al Qaeda’s “air force,” at an abandoned SAC base in Northern Michigan

When America first attacked Afghanistan after 9/11, the organization we know of as “Al Qaeda” didn’t exist.  Some 300 jihadists were living in Afghanistan under government protection, know known to have had nothing to do with 9/11 or any attacks on America.

However, Donald Rumsfeld claimed their numbers were up to 100,000, a wild invention, one of many insane fabrication he and so many others, particularly members of America’s military and intelligence community took part in, acts of treason.


Few Americans are allowed to penetrate the cult-like mercenary organizations that have grown fat on tens of billions of dollars of defense contracts.  Few know of the twisted culture that defines DynCorp, Blackwater and its successors, L3 Communications and other similar companies.

Afghan children were brought in to finish this initiation. The Defense Intelligence Agency paid $3000 per day for the services of these individuals.

Each of these companies is, in actuality, set up to operate somewhere between a street gang and a mind-control cult.  Religious indoctrination is mandatory, not any known religion, but a blend of apocalypse fanaticism, worship of Zionism, rampant racism and fanaticism.  Contractors have specially designated clothing modifications to indicate secret “rank,” much as with the “Crips and Bloods.”

The “Holy Warriors of Christ’s Crusading Army,” defense contractors acting like members of congress

Initiation ceremonies involve sodomy, pedophilia an murder of civilians, ceremonies that not only involve contractor groups but active duty military as well.

The Dominionist “Dance of Enlightenment,” the military sect, an offshoot of the Pentecostal Church

Several of the war crimes, typically mass killings of civilians or abuse of detainees,  Americans have been arrested and imprisoned for during the “war on terror” were part of initiation ceremonies for defense contracting groups or for “gangs” that operate openly inside the military.  These gangs have conducted “hits, ” such as the murder of Pat Tillman or are responsible for “enemy activity,” such as the killing of two dozen Navy SEALS in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

After all, Bush really wasn’t president, the military knew, and we have been able to confirm, that the 2000 “election” was a violent coup against the United States, not just vote rigging but use of force supported by members of the military, particularly SEALS and Delta.

Many members of America’s “special operations community” have placed “dollars” over “country,” blindly following the absurd blitherings of pundits serving Wall Street and worse, if “worse” is possible. The world’s heroin business is run almost entirely by Americans, most are former intelligence and special operations personnel employed by the CIA and Department of Defense under contract with offshore based companies or the USAID.  (United States Agency for International Development)

Many of those involved are active duty military and their families who travel the world with “bank instruments” in their wallets or purses, moving tens of billions of dollars a year.

Three members of congress, two current United States senators, are part of this process.  Dozens of others are paid millions a year in drug money, some as “soft money” contributions, others to bank accounts in the Cayman Islands managed by an affiliate of Bain Capital located in Cuba. (Source:  FBI files)

Agreement between Cuban Defense Ministry and Mitt Romney, signed by Raul Castro (FBI file document)



This group, the “cabal,” would later be melded around Vice President Cheney under the name “JSOC,” the Joint Special Operations Command.  A parallel version of that command, made up of rogue active duty, extremist generals, several long retired, some clearly mentally unsound, and to contracting companies like Blackwater, L3 Communication, DynCorp and others share what we have proven is a “bifurcated” structure that has led to a breakdown in discipline within the defense and intelligence forces of the US.

Behind them is extremist pundit William Kristol and Senator’s McCain and Graham.  Behind him is an international evil festering for centuries, controlling banks and currencies, orchestrating wars, the force behind colonialism, ethnic cleansing and a series of holocausts.


Groups claiming patriotic intent are calling for the armed overthrow of the American government.  Their real goal is to return full power to the criminal gang that took over America, a gang that believed John McCain and Mitt Romney could be put in office through stolen elections and control of the military.

However, America’s military has been in the throes of a power struggle for years, war mongers, thieves, drug runners and mental defectives against a motley crew of intelligent and capable Americans leading a corps of experienced and loyal officers and men now fully aware that the “War on Terror” is the real threat against America.


America faces a very real external terror threat, albeit one created with the help of New World Order “neocons,” and their drug running gang of killers.

No longer capable of safely operating against the United States from bases at home or in Israel, the neocons are seeking an operational base in Syria, aligning themselves with Islamic extremists, ultra-conservative groups willing to fight the real “neocon war,”

That is a war to destroy Christianity, a war going full speed in Syria, a war Israel sees as vital to its survival.

The “rumor” of Al Qaeda is now a reality, as American taxpayer financed “private airlines” gather criminals, mental defectives, cartel enforcers and real terrorist “jihadists,” hauling them through Jordan.  While inside Syria, Christians are being rounded up and butchered, women are being kidnapped into sex slavery and terrorist training camps are being set up, perhaps not with Rumsfeld and Russert’s imaginary monorails and underground palaces but camps that will train suicide bombers that will make the lives of a generation of Americans a living hell.

Thank you McCain, Graham, Boykin and the others, Murdoch, Netanyahu, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, the Bush family, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin.

We will remember.

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