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A Bird’s Eye View of Contrived Terror–Part I. A Preview



“A global economic system erected on inhuman and predatory values, where a few possess more wealth than the billions of hungry put together, will end, but the end will be painful and bloody.”–Prof. Mujahid Kamran, 2011


Summary: This first posting (i) introduces a five-part essay (pentalogy) on faked terror, (ii) provides the rationale for the holistic orientation of this pentalogy, and (iii) previews forthcoming Parts II-V.


by Moti Nissani


Hassan al Sabbah, a brilliant Iranian polymath and tactician, was the founder of the Order of the Assassins. This Shia Order flourished for about 200 years, mostly in Iran and Syria, starting in the late 11th century. The Order delivered tangible assassination threats (e.g., placing a dagger on a target’s bed) to rulers contemplating pogroms and persecutions of Shia Muslims. If the threats were ignored, the target was killed. Al Sabbah’s strategy of asymmetrical warfare was astoundingly effective, minimizing bloodshed and bringing to heel such figures as the Sultan Salah A’din. The connection between this strategy and the bogus war on terror will be explored in Part V.


Aims and Scope of this five-part essay

Dissident discourses, for the most part, analyze single incidents, or a group of incidents, in the political, economic, military, or environmental spheres. Hourly, the banking Syndicate controlling the western world and its colonies goes on committing unimaginable robberies, murders, and assaults on civil liberties and the biosphere. And so dissident writers (myself included, e.g., see here and here) react in shocked surprise, dissect each and every outrage, often furnishing near-conclusive evidence of the Syndicate’s heartlessness and culpability. Such indictments reinforce the worldview that western governments and their colonies are nothing more than puppets of a criminal syndicate (bankers for short), counteract cradle-to-grave indoctrination, and help recruit needed converts to the view that we live in an upside-down world.

Such exposures must be complemented by a broader view. The present five-part-essay takes such a broader view of the political landscape, thereby helping:

  • Conclusively show that 21st century terror is traceable, for the most part, to the Syndicate (acting in part through its principal outposts in Washington DC, London, and Jerusalem),
  • Convince us that we live in an upside-down world,
  • Reverse our expectations—we will be shocked and surprised if the Syndicate, just once, serves the interests of humanity as a whole—not when it doesn’t. – Divert our precious resources from the Syndicate’s daily crimes to the question and actions whose importance supersedes all others: How can we save humanity and remove this Syndicate from power?

Citadel Of Broken Dreams–Jim Kirwan (“Humanity has chosen to build its Citadel of Dreams upon the backs of those less fortunate. The weight of this impossible fantasy has turned the bulk of humanity into petrified stone, as symbolized [in the painting]. The only thing left for us, is to listen to the dragon-fire of private conscience, so that we can rise again and throw off this tyrannical prison.”)

Preview of Forthcoming Essays


II. Before proving the ubiquity of state-sponsored terror, we need to take a brief look at the matrix supporting such terror. The second part of this pentalogy shows that this matrix (i) leads us to the false belief that the USA was once free, peaceful, just, and sustainable; (ii) viciously undermines language (and hence, our ability to think clearly); (iii) limits our access to accurate information; (iv) compels us to needlessly hedge our public discourse; shifts our attention from the handful of families who control the world (=the Syndicate or international bankers) to the dual fictions of (v) front men as powerful political figures (e.g., President of the USA, chairman of the Federal Reserve) and  (vi) countries as sovereign actors (e.g., the USA, France).

III. The third part of the Gladio-USA pentalogy recalls the horrors the Syndicate visited on Europe in the 1960s through the 1980s. These horrors, now conveniently subsumed under the Gladio rubric, involved killing hundreds of civilians (“women, children, unknown people far from any political game”), the overthrow of democratically-elected governments, and assassinations of heads of state and other high-profile friends of the people. Gladio’s shock and awe strategy, its reliance on propaganda, bribes, blackmail, fascists, and agents provocateurs, sought “to discredit left-wing groups and politicians,” confuse and enfeeble the people, and cause mayhem. It thereby induced people to look to the very entity that terrorized them so—the state—for their security. The Gladio Conspiracy—among countless other proven conspiracies throughout the ages—makes a mockery of conspiracy scoffers, once again corroborating Mark Twain’s view that fools make up “a big enough majority in any town.” Gladio also proves that Western governments have long ago fallen under the spell of diabolical Machiavellians. The key take-home lesson from this part is this: All things being equal, the known involvement of Western governments in Gladio suggests that it is these governments (and not fanatic Muslims or other extremists) that are behind the hyped wave of 21st century terror.

IV. The old Gladio Conspiracy had been, indisputably, a Syndicate-sponsored terror campaign falsely attributed to left-wing terrorists. This, in turn, suggests that contemporary terror is likewise Syndicate-sponsored, which, this time, is falsely attributed to Muslim and other radicals. To further support this likelihood, the fourth part of our pentalogy outlines 19 general characteristics of contemporary terror. For the sake of brevity, the discussion is restricted to the Syndicate’s most powerful handmaiden–the American government, and it illustrates each characteristic with just one act of terror–the April 2013 Boston Marathon Explosions. Taken together, these 19 characteristics (i) provide a theoretical framework of fake terror, (ii) facilitate identification of past and future incidents of fake terror, (iii) throw light on such incidents, (iv) afford near-conclusive proof for the ubiquity of government-sponsored terror in the USA, and, as a side benefit, (v) compellingly confirm the suspicion that the Boston explosions were orchestrated by the Syndicate (working primarily through its Washington DC outpost).

V.The fifth and final posting is more theoretical in nature and furnishes additional grounds for the conviction that virtually all 21st century acts of terror in the USA are acts of state. This part argues, first, that the Syndicate and its agents in places like Washington DC, London, Ottawa, Mexico City, Bogotá, or Paris, are manifestly capable of any crime whatsoever; hence, we can summarily dismiss the naïve belief that “they” would not sink as low as inflicting terror against their own people. There follows a discussion of two reasons for believing that the Syndicate is behind most 21st century terror. The first reason focuses on the question: who benefits? Genuine Islam has clearly been the victim of terror: Whole countries have been demonized, conquered, colonized, looted, impoverished, fragmented, handed over to psychopaths and sycophants, torn apart by a vicious divide-and-conquer policy, and suffered environmental degradation whose effects would probably outlive humanity itself. For their part, the alleged architects and perpetrators of terror have suffered shattered dreams, persecution, incarceration, torture, and death. The Syndicate, by contrast, has made a killing. For the Syndicate, each act of terror serves as a valuable laboratory exercise, an experiment, from which it draws lessons about preempting, co-opting, and stifling dissent and revolution, enslaving humanity, and destroying the biosphere. This stepwise approach has already yielded a rich satanic crop. As a result of 21st century terror, the Syndicate is closer than ever to achieving its goal of merging Western countries into one police state and of encircling Russia and China. It has been making trillions selling death machines, and it has gained access to vast oil and gas fields and other resources. The Syndicate has been able to prolong the life of its chief fiat currency (the American dollar), it successfully diverted public attention from its heinous crimes, and, as part of its beloved shock and awe strategy, it has sown seeds of chaos, discord, and misery the world over. The second reason for believing that the Syndicate is behind contemporary terror is that the alleged Muslim strategy of killing innocent bystanders, American and foreign, is not only morally repulsive but also strategically half-witted. It is inconceivable that radical Muslims or other “terrorists” would resort to it for decades, miserably shooting themselves in the foot, while a highly effective and far less painful and costly strategy is on hand. To bring the bankers and their puppets to their knees, a real terrorist would have copied the bankers’ own astoundingly successful strategy of deterring or killing powerful opponents. Likewise, a real terrorist, especially if she happened to be a Muslim, need look no farther than her backyard and apply a near-identical ancient variation: The brilliant intimidation/decapitation strategy of Hassan Al-Sabbah and his followers.

Go to Part II: Backdrop of Terror

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