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5 insider tips airlines won't tell you
Dealing with the airport can be such a hassle.

Here are five clever ways to beat the system:

1) Mark your luggage as 'Fragile.' Employees will load it on top of others in the airplane cargo, which will make it come out of baggage claim first.

2) Minimize the feeling of turbulence by booking a seat on the wing of the plane. Bonus tip: if you jiggle a little in your seat while experiencing turbulence, it can trick your body and counter the effects.

3) When picking a line always choose the one farthest to the left. Most people are right-handed and tend to move to their right.

4) Wait until you land to wrap presents. Security will often make you unwrap a package.

5) Pack your electronics horizontally, rather than on top of each other, in your suitcase. This allows the security scanner to register the items clearly, helping you avoid having your bag opened to be examined.

Now you can start relaxing even before you land!

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